TS SCERT 9th Class Textbooks , TS SCERT Syllabus Books & Study Materials 2024 PDF Download


TS SCERT 9th Class Textbooks 2024 -2025 | SCERT Telangana 9th Class Text Books Medium Wise  Pdf Download 2024

TS SCERT 9th Class Textbooks  are created with a specific curriculum in mind. TS SCERT 9th Class Textbooks All Class Books For the Subjects English, Math, Physical Science, Biological Science, Social Studies, and first and second language options are Accessible. Individuals who want to Download These Books can do so by Following a simple Approach. TS SCERT 9th Class Textbooks  SCERT Telangana Textbooks From 1st to 10th Grade can be Utilised to obtain knowledge and prepare for Many Competitive Examinations held by the Telangana state Government.

TS SCERT 9th Class Textbooks SCERT (TS) Telangana Textbooks for Class 9th PDF Download 2024-2025 with Answers Have Been prepared and published by the Telangana(TS) State Board. It is a Non-Profit Group that provides Educational Reform Guidance and funding to Schools. 2025 TS SCERT 9th Class Textbooks If you  Looking For the Telangana(TS) State Board Class 9th Books PDF 2025. TS SCERT 9th Class Textbooks you  Come To the Right Site. Telangana(TS) State Board Has Created a Comprehensive Hub For Students  Adequate Preparation, which Can Be Downloaded For Free in PDF Format.

Download PDF SCERT Telangana Textbooks for 9th Class 2024-2025

TS SCERT 9th Class Textbooks 2024 – 2025 | Telangana State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) is in responsibility of developing curricula, textbooks, and other study materials for the primary, upper primary, secondary, and alternative systems of education. SCERT is also the Department of School of Education’s academic arm.

TS SCERT books are skillfully created by subject specialists and professionals to provide students with a broad and fundamental understanding of the many topics covered in their curriculum. These Telangana board 9th Class Study books, Materials are currently available on all official websites. Students will receive all of the assistance they require to achieve their best possible exam achievement. Students can study online or download the TS SCERT books in pdf format from our website.


TS SCERT, or the Telangana State Council of Educational Research and Training, is an organization responsible for the development of quality education in the state of Telangana, India. SCERT functions as the academic wing of the Department of School Education and plays a crucial role in formulating and implementing various educational policies and programs.

The primary objectives of TS SCERT include:

  1. Curriculum Development: SCERT designs and develops the school curriculum for different levels, including primary, upper primary, secondary, and higher secondary education. It aims to provide a balanced and comprehensive curriculum that promotes holistic development and prepares students for various academic and life challenges.
  2. Teacher Training and Professional Development: SCERT conducts training programs and workshops for teachers to enhance their pedagogical skills, subject knowledge, and overall professional development. It ensures that teachers are well-equipped to deliver quality education and keep up with the latest teaching methodologies.
  3. Textbook Development: SCERT is responsible for the development and publication of textbooks for schools in Telangana. The organization ensures that the textbooks align with the curriculum and are updated regularly to reflect current knowledge and educational trends.
  4. Research and Evaluation: SCERT conducts research studies and evaluations to assess the effectiveness of educational programs and policies implemented in the state. The findings from these studies help in identifying areas for improvement and making informed decisions regarding educational reforms.
  5. Educational Technology Integration: SCERT promotes the integration of educational technology in the teaching and learning process. It develops digital resources, educational software, and online platforms to enhance the quality and accessibility of education in Telangana.
  6. Guidance and Counseling: SCERT provides guidance and counseling services to students, parents, and teachers. It aims to support the social and emotional well-being of students and help them make informed career choices.
Name Of The Board Telangana State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT)
Class 9th  Class  New Text Books and Study Materials and guidelines 2024 – 2025
subjects Telugu , English, Maths, Science, Biology, Social Studies
Category Text books And Study Materials
Academic year 2024-2025
Download Format PDF
Official website https://scert.telangana.gov.in/

TS 6th to 9th Class Text Books 2024-2025.  Telangana State SCERT 9th Class The New Syllabus is Beneficial For TS TET and DSC Preparation. The New Textbooks and worksheets for the Revised Curriculum are listed Below. Telugu Textbook for TS 9th Class, English Textbook for TS 9th class, and EVS Textbook for TS 9th class 2024 are all available.

TS 9th class Textbook 2024 Keep books that will be useful for the TS TET Syllabus and TS DSC 2024 exams. Downloadable textbook revisions TS 9th Class English & Telugu Medium Textbooks are available in PDF format. Books for TS SCERT 9th Class  English Workbook in EM pdf (Revised) for Primary Class.

How to Download Ts Scert Text Books 2024 

To Download TS SCERT Books, you Can Follow these Steps:

  1. Visit the official website: Go to the official website of TS SCERT. You can search for “TS SCERT official website” on a search engine to find the correct website.
  2. Navigate to the E-Textbooks section: Look for the “E-Textbooks” or “Digital Textbooks” section on the website. This section usually contains the digital versions of the SCERT textbooks.
  3. Select the required class and subject: Once you are in the E-Textbooks section, choose the class (e.g., Class 1, Class 2, etc.) and subject for which you want to download the textbooks.
  4. Choose the textbook: After selecting the class and subject, a list of textbooks for that particular class and subject will be displayed. Click on the textbook you want to download.
  5. Download the textbook: On the textbook’s page, you will typically find a download link or button. Click on it to start the download process. The textbook will be downloaded to your device in PDF format.
  6. Repeat the process for other textbooks: If you need to download textbooks for multiple classes or subjects, repeat the above steps for each textbook.
Telangana  9th Class Telugu, English, Urdu, Hindi Textbooks
Medium First Language Second Language
Telugu 9th Class Telugu 9th Telugu (SL)
English 9th Class Sanskrit CC 9th Class Sanskrit OC
Urdu 9th Class Urdu FL&Arabic 9th Class Urdu SL
Hindi 9th Class Hindi 9th Class Hindi (SL)
English 9th Class English
Telangana 9th Class Language Textbooks
Medium 9th Class Maths Textbook
Telugu 9th Class Maths TM
English 9th Class Maths EM
Urdu 9th Class Maths UM
Hindi 9th Class Maths HM
Kannada 9th Class Maths KM
Marathi 9th Class Maths MM
Tamil 9th Class Maths TML
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Maths Textbooks 
Medium 9th Class Physical Science Textbook
Telugu 9th Class Physics TM
English 9th Class Physics EM
Urdu 9th Class Physics UM
Hindi 9th Class Physics HM
Kannada 9th Class Physics KM
Marathi 9th Class Physics MM
Tamil 9th Class Physics TML
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Physical Science Textbooks
Medium 9th Class Biological Science Textbook
Telugu 9th Class Biology TM
English 9th Class Biology EM
Urdu 9th Class Biology UM
Hindi 9th Class Biology HM
Kannada 9th Class Biology KM
Marathi 9th Class Biology MM
Tamil 9th Class Biology TML
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Biological Science Textbooks 
Medium 9th Class Social Textbook
Telugu 9th Class Social TM
English 9th Class Social EM
Urdu 9th Class Social UM
Hindi 9th Class Social HM
Kannada 9th Class Social KM
Marathi 9th Class Social MM
Tamil 9th Class Social TML
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Social Textbooks 
Medium 9th Class Environmental Education Textbook
Telugu 9th Class Environmental Education TM
English 9th Class Environmental Education EM
Urdu 9th Class Environmental Education UM
Hindi 9th Class Environmental Education HM
Kannada 9th Class Environmental Education KM
Marathi 9th Class Environmental Education MM
Tamil 9th Class Environmental Education TML


Telangana SCERT Class 9 Maths Book

Telangana SCERT Class 9 Physical Science Book

Telangana SCERT Class 9 Biological Science Book

Telangana SCERT Class 9 Environmental Education Book

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