APTET Psychology Study Material PDF 2023 (Telugu) Child development, Psychology & Pedagogy


APTET Psychology Study Material 2023

APTET Psychology Study Material 2023 APTET Study Material 2023 TET Exam & B.Ed. The big drawback is that there is no complete Psychology Study Material for students. When they had to search for a book on each topic, the editors of the Drones Training Institute teamed up to read several books and Study Materials to create this complete book.
Since it is written from the perspective of the students who are going to write the exam, there is no doubt that it will be very simple and useful for them.

Here We provide Child development and pedagogy Study material in Telugu, AP TET study material 2023 in Telugu Avanigadda APTET 2023 study material pdf, and Sakshi education tet material psychology bits in Telugu. We know that  Sakshi education TET’s previous papers on child development and pedagogy in Telugu medium pdf are Important as also the child development and pedagogy syllabus in Telugu 2023.

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TET Psychology Material 2023

Chapter 1 – Development of Child Educational Psychology (Telugu): Click Here

Chapter-2 Understand Learning (Telugu): Click Here

Chapter 3 – Pedagogy (Telugu): Click Here

APTET Psychology Material and Psychology Bit Bank from Sakshi Education 2023

Chapter -I  Personality Download
Chapter -I  Development and Growth Download
Chapter-I  Individual differences Download
Chapter-II  Concept, Nature of Learning Download
Chapter-II Memory & Forgetting Download
Chapter-II  Motivation and Sustenance Download
Chapter-III Inclusive Education Download
Chapter-III Teaching Learning Experiences Download
Chapter-III  Understanding of Pedagogic methods ETC Download
Chapter-III NCF – 2005, Right To Education Act, 2009. www.apteachers.in Download
Unit -I Development of Child Download
Unit-II Understand Learning Download
Unit – III Pedagogy Pedagogical Concerns Download

TET Psychology Material and Psychology Bit Bank from Eenadu Prathibha 2023

Chapter – Learning Download
Chapter –  Development, Growth Download
Chapter- Cognitive Download
Chapter- Child Human Development Stages Download
Chapter-సంజ్ఞానాత్మక సిద్ధాంతం Download
Chapter-యత్న దోష అభ్యసనా సిద్ధాంతం Download
Chapter-కార్యసాధక నిభందనం Download
Chapter-కోల్బెర్గ్ నైతిక వికాస సిద్ధాంతం Download
Chapter- Development and Growth Download
Chapter –  Individual Differences Download


-Development, Growth & Maturation-Concept & Nature
– Principles of Development– Factors influencing Development-Biological, Psychological, Sociological
– Dimensions of Development and their interrelationships-Physical & Motor, Cognitive, Emotional, Social, Moral, Language relating to Infancy, early Childhood, late Child hood.
– Understanding DevelopmentPiaget, Kohlberg, Chomsky, Carl Rogers
– Individual differencesIntra & Inter Individual differences in the areas of Attitudes, Aptitude, Interest, Habits, Intelligence, and their Assessment
– Development of PersonalityConcept, Factors affecting the development of Personality– Adjustment, Behavioral problems, Mental Health
– Methods and Approaches of Child DevelopmentObservation, Interview, Case study, Experimental, Cross-sectional, and Longitudinal
– Developmental tasks and Hazards
– Concept, Nature of LearningInputProcessOutcome
– Factors of LearningPersonal and Environmental
– Approaches to Learning and their applicabilityBehaviorism (Skinner, Pavlov, Thorndike), Constructivism (Piaget, Vygotsky), Gestalt (Kohler, Koffka), and Observational (Bandura)
– Dimensions of LearningCognitive, Affective, and Performance
– Motivation and Sustenanceits role in learning.
– Memory & Forgetting– Transfer of Learning
– Teaching and its relationship with learning and learner
– Learners in Contexts: Situating learners in the socio-political and cultural context
– Children from diverse contexts–Children With Special Needs (CWSN), Inclusive Education
– Understanding of Pedagogic methods–Enquiry-based learning, Project-based learning, Survey, Observation and Activity-based learning
– Individual and Group learning: Issues and concerns with respect to organizing learning in class room like Study habits, Self-learning, and Learning to learn skills
– Organizing learning in heterogeneous classroom groups–Socio-economic background, Abilities, and Interests
– Paradigms of organizing Learning-Teacher centric, Subject centric, and Learner centric
– Teaching as Planned activity–Elements of Planning
– Phases of Teaching–Pre-active, Interactive, and Post active
– General and Subject related skills, competencies required in teaching, and attributes of a good facilitator

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