Telangana Police Recruitment 2018 – 14,177 Constable, SI, ASI and Other Posts Apply


Here is a Good News for Job seekers in Telangana. Telangana govt. has given approval to TS Police Recruitment Notification 2018. Over 14,177 Constable, Sub Inspector, ASI and Other posts will be recruited in this TS Police Dept. Notification 2018.

TS police Recruitment

తెలంగాణ నిరుద్యోగులకు ఓ తీపి వార్త:  రాష్ట్ర హోమ్ శాఖలో 14,177 పోస్టుల భర్తీకి ఆమోదం తెలుపుతూ తెలంగాణా  ప్రభుత్వం శనివారం ఉత్తర్వులు జారీచేసింది. వీటిలో 12,941 కానిస్టేబుల్ పోస్టులు, 1210 ఎస్ఐ, 26 ఏఎస్ఐ పోస్టులు ఉన్నాయి. కానిస్టేబుల్ పోస్టుల్లో సివిల్ కానిస్టేబుల్ 5002, స్పెషల్ కానిస్టేబుల్ 3372, ఏఆర్ కానిస్టేబుల్ 2283, ఎస్‌ఐ (సివిల్) 710, ఎస్‌ఐ (ఏఆర్) 275, ఎస్‌ఐ (స్పెషల్ పోలీస్)191, ఎస్‌ఐ (కమ్యూనికేషన్) 29, కానిస్టేబుల్ (కమ్యూనికేషన్) 142, కానిస్టేబుల్ (సీపీఎల్) 53, కానిస్టేబుల్‌ (సీటీవో) 89, ఏఎస్‌ఐ (ఫింగర్ ప్రింట్ బ్యూరో) 26 పోస్టులు ఉన్నాయి. ఈ పోస్టులను తెలంగాణ పోలీస్ రిక్రూట్‌మెంట్ బోర్డు ద్వారా భర్తీచేయనున్నారు.  ఈ నోటిఫికేషన్ రేపో ఎల్లుండో రానుంది.

TS Government have reviewed the Direct Recruitment vacancy position in Home Department.  After careful examination of the proposal furnished by the Department and keeping in view of the actual requirement of manpower with reference to the nature of work and activities of the department and also the overall financial implications, Government hereby accord permission to fill (14177) Fourteen Thousand One Hundred and Seventy Seven vacant posts in various categories under the control of Director General of Police, Telangana, Hyderabad,

Vacancy Details of Telangana Police Recruitment 2018

Sl. No. Name of the Category No. of vacancies
1. Sub-Inspector (Civil) 710
2. Sub-Inspector (Armed Reserve) 275
3. Sub-Inspector (SAR CPL) 05
4. Sub-Inspector  (TSSP)(Except 15th Battalion) 175
5. Sub-Inspector (TSSP) 15th Battalion 16
6. Sub-Inspector (Communications) 29
7. Assistant Sub-Inspector (Finger Print Bureau (FPB)) 26
8. Police Constable (Civil) 5002
9. Police Constable (Armed Reserve) 2283
10. Police Constable (SAR CPL) 53
11. Police Constable (TSSP) (Except 15th Battalion) 4816
12. Police Constable (TSSP) 15th Battalion 556
13. Police Constable ( Police Transport Organization (PTO)) 89
14. Police Constable (Communications) 142
Total 14177


The Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board, Hyderabad shall take appropriate steps for filling the above vacancies through direct recruitment by obtaining the details, such as local cadre wise / vacancy position, roster points and qualifications etc., from the concerned authorities. The Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board Hyderabad shall issue the notification and schedule for recruitment expeditiously.

The administrative department and the Head of Department concerned shall furnish details of all vacant posts authorized in this order, including the local cadre wise / roster points and qualifications, etc., to the recruiting agency immediately under intimation to Finance Department. The Department shall issue necessary amendments to their service rules / Bye-laws / Government Orders changing the existing recruitment procedure /recruiting agency wherever necessary.

TS Police Recruitment Notification 2018

Download TS Police Notification: Click Here

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