KEAM Previous Question Papers with Solutions 2023 (Chapter Wise) | 16 Previous Question Papers & Keys of KEAM Entrance Exam


KEAM Previous Question Papers with Solutions 2023-2024 

KEAM Previous Question Papers with Solutions , Chapter Wise with Solutions Download PDF: KEAM Application Form CEE Government Of Kerala Previous KEAM Question Papers are available here. KEAM Previous Year Question Papers  For candidates to effortlessly pass the exam. Aspirants can get several practise papers for the KEAM Exam in PDF format, which is quite beneficial for quickly Downloading the KEAM Question papers 2023-2024.

KEAM Previous Year Question Papers  And there is No Need For the candidates to pay for the exam papers; they are completely free. We obtained the sample Question Papers From the CEE Kerala official website. Candidates might improve their Ability To Answer Difficult Questions in a Simple Manner By practising past question papers. Dear Aspirants, if you are looking for KEAM Previous Year Question Papers to practise with, you Can Go to The Kerala.

Overview For KEAM Previous Question Papers PDF 2023

KEAM (Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical) is a state-level entrance examination conducted by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE), Government of Kerala. KEAM Ranks Card / Results Aspiring students who wish to pursue courses in engineering, architecture, pharmacy, medical, and allied health sciences in various colleges in Kerala appear for this exam.

The KEAM Previous Question Papers provide a valuable resource for candidates preparing for the exam. They offer an overview of the exam pattern, question types, and difficulty level. Here are the key points of importance for KEAM Previous Question Papers:

  1. Exam Pattern Understanding: By going through previous question papers, candidates can understand the exam pattern, such as the number of questions, sections, marking scheme, and time duration. This understanding helps in structuring the preparation strategy effectively.
  2. Question Types and Difficulty Level: Candidates can assess the types of questions asked in previous years and their difficulty level. This knowledge helps in identifying topics that need more focus during preparation.
  3. Time Management: Practicing with previous question papers improves time management skills. Candidates can learn to allocate time to each section and enhance their speed in answering questions.
  4. Self-Assessment: Solving previous papers allows candidates to self-assess their preparation level. Identifying weak areas helps them to focus on improvement.
  5. Repetition of Questions: Sometimes, questions from previous years may be repeated or have similar patterns. Solving these papers increases the chances of encountering familiar questions in the actual exam.
  6. Practice and Confidence Building: Regular practice with previous question papers builds confidence and reduces exam stress.
  7. Real Exam Simulation: Taking mock tests using previous papers simulates the actual exam environment and prepares candidates for the actual KEAM exam.

Candidates can find KEAM Previous Question Papers on the official website of CEE Kerala ( or other reliable sources. It is recommended to solve a sufficient number of papers to achieve a comprehensive preparation for the KEAM examination.

Name Of The Organization CEE Government Of Kerala (CEE Kerala)
Name of the Exam Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical Entrance Examination (KEAM)
Category KEAM Question Papers
Download Format PDF
Official Website

Keam (Kerala Engineering, Agriculture, and Medical) is an entrance examination conducted by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE) in the state of Kerala, India. The exam is taken by thousands of students aspiring to pursue undergraduate courses in various fields like engineering, architecture, pharmacy, medical, and allied sciences in the state’s colleges and institutions. Keam Previous Question Papers Refer To the Past years question papers of the Keam examination.

  1. Importance of Keam Previous Question Papers: Previous question papers are valuable study resources for Keam aspirants. They provide insight into the exam pattern, question types, difficulty levels, and topics that are frequently asked. By solving these papers, candidates can familiarize themselves with the actual exam environment, which can boost their confidence and performance.
  2. Understanding Exam Pattern: Keam has a unique exam pattern with separate papers for different subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology. By analyzing previous question papers, candidates can understand the distribution of marks, the number of questions, and the weightage given to various topics in each subject.
  3. Practicing Time Management: Solving Keam previous question papers under timed conditions helps students practice time management. It allows them to assess how much time they can allocate to each section or question during the actual exam to ensure they complete the paper within the given time limit.
  4. Identifying Weak Areas: When students attempt previous question papers, they can identify their weak areas and topics where they need more practice. This enables them to focus on improving their understanding of those specific topics before the actual exam.
  5. Gauging Performance Level: By comparing their answers with the answer key provided for the previous question papers, candidates can gauge their performance and predict their potential scores. It also helps in assessing one’s preparation level and making necessary adjustments in their study plan.
  6. Revision and Reinforcement: Solving Keam previous question papers serves as an excellent revision and reinforcement tool. It helps consolidate the knowledge gained during the preparation and reinforces key concepts.
  7. Boosting Confidence: Regularly solving previous question papers and performing well in them boosts candidates’ confidence, reducing exam-related anxiety and stress.

KEAM Previous Papers Pdf is now available for download. Candidates who have applied for the Jobs can access the KEAM Exam Question Papers. You can download the Last 5 years’ KEAM Exam Questions papers from the provided links below. The KEAM Previous Papers can be obtained free of cost from the direct links. For more updates on KEAM Model Papers, please visit the official website of CEE Kerala at

2020 [Question][Answer] 2023-24 [Question][Answer]2023-24
2019 [Question][Answer] 2023-24 [Question][Answer]2023-24
2018 [Question][Answer]2023-24 [Question][Answer]2023-24
2017 [Question] [Answer]2023-24 [Question] [Answer]2023-24
2016 [Question] [Answer]2023-24 [Question] [Answer]2023-24
2015 [Question] [Answer]2023-24 [Question] [Answer]2023-24
2014 [Question] [Answer]2023-24 [Question] [Answer]2023-24

KEAM Exam Pattern ( Latest ) 2023-2024.

the KEAM (Kerala Engineering, Agriculture, and Medical) KEAM Exam pattern Download 2023-2024:

Paper Subject Duration Number of Questions Type of Questions Marking Scheme Negative Marking
Paper 1 Physics & Chemistry 2 hours 30 minutes 120 (60 from Physics and 60 from Chemistry) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) +4 marks for each correct answer -1 mark for each incorrect answer
Paper 2 Mathematics (for engineering courses) OR Biology (for medical and allied health science courses) 2 hours 30


120 (60 from Mathematics OR 60 from Biology) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) +4 marks for each correct answer -1 mark for each incorrect answer

The KEAM Exam Paper is made up of two papers.

  • The KEAM Exam is made up of multiple-choice questions.
  • KEAM Each paper includes 120 questions.
  • Each question is worth four points.
  • The exam lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Each wrong response receives a negative mark.
  • Paper Title Subject Number of QuestionsMinimum Points
  • Physics and Chemistry 120 +4/-1
  • Paper-II Mathematics 120 +4/-1
  • Total questions: 240 | Time limit: 150 minutes (per paper)