Karnataka 1st PUC Education Question Papers 2022 – Download Previous Papers, Syllabus, Time Table Here


Karnataka PUC 1st Year Education Question Papers 2022 – Download Previous Papers, Syllabus, Time Table Here

Karnataka PUC 1st Year Education Question Papers 2022:

Government of Karnataka, Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) has released Karnataka PUC 1st Year question papers. Karnataka PUC/ 11th Class 1st Year Exam Dates will be available on this website careers99.com or official website pue.karnataka.gov.inKarnataka PUC 1st Year Exams will be announced soon. For more details like Question Papers, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Timetable, Previous, Papers, Model Papers etc., visit this website careers99.com.

In this article, we are providing direct links to download the Examination Timetable, Exam Pattern, Detailed Syllabus of Education Subject, Candidates must download the PDF Document issued by Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) board or download the Syllabus from our article. Direct links to download the PDF Documents are available here. Previous Question Papers regarding Education Subject is also made available for the convenience of candidates. Feel free to download the entire syllabus for Education Subject and prepare well for the forthcoming examination. Candidates should carefully mark the important questions and complete reading them first and later concentrate on less weightage part of the syllabus. Here in our website careers99.com we provide all the details regarding Logic Subject.

Karnataka 2nd PUC English Question Papers 2022

Karnataka 2nd PUC Education Question Papers 2022

Karnataka PUC 1st Year Education Previous Question Papers 2022:

  • Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) Board has designed a comprehensive curriculum for 1st Year PUC/ Intermediate Questions.
  • Students can download these Karnataka PUC 1st year Education subject Question Papers 2022 from the below-mentioned links. Students can share this information to their classmates, friends, and also to their neighbors.
  • By Downloading the Karnataka PUC 1st Year Question Papers candidates can aware about the board examination paper easily before attending the main examination.
  • Karnataka PUC 1st Year Education Question Papers will be prepared according to the guidelines issued by the Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE), Karnataka.

Here we are providing detailed view of Karnataka PUC/ Intermediate 1st Year Question Papers 2022 for the sake of candidates who are preparing for the 1st Year PUC/ Intermediate Examinations. 1st Year Question Papers will contain all the important details or blueprint issued by Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE).

How to Download Karnataka PUC/ Inter First Year Time Table 2022?

  • Log on to the official website @ pue.karnataka.gov.in for downloading the Karnataka PUC/ Inter First Year Time Table 2022
  • On the Home page, Click on Karnataka PUC 1st Year Time Table 2022
  • Karnataka PUC 1st Year Time Table will be displayed on the screen
  • Check Detailed Examination schedule according to subject wise.
  • Attend the examination properly according to the scheduled dates.
  • Take a printout copy for the future reference

Karnataka PUC Time Table 2022 contains the following information.

PUC Time Table 2022 will include the following information:

  • Date of the exam
  • Day of the exam
  • Exam Duration
  • List of subject codes
  • List of subjects
  • Sessions

Karnataka Board PUC Exam Pattern:

The marks distribution, test duration, and mode are all included in the Karnataka Board PUC Exam pattern. As a result, candidates should be informed with the entire Karnataka PUC 2022 exam pattern. Please see the information below for more details.

  • Students must study six subjects because the Karnataka PUC Exam 2022 will follow a set pattern, hence students must choose six subjects.
  • There will be three language papers among the six subjects, with the remaining three being General Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, or other core topics.
  • There will be eleven papers in each of these six subjects, with the exception of a second language paper, each subject having two papers.
  • Each paper requires a minimum of 35 points to pass.

Karnataka PUC Main Subjects

According to the Educational Conduct Board’s guidelines, the Karnataka PUC Curriculum includes various subjects; here we describe the significance of some of the important subjects.

  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies/ Sociology
  • Science
  • Languages
  • Other Academic Subjects

Karnataka 1st PUC Syllabus 2022

Karnataka 1st PUC Syllabus 2022 – The Karnataka Board 1st PUC Syllabus 2022 is published by the Karnataka Department of Pre-University Education for students. On the official website is pue.kar.nic.in, the Karnataka 1st PUC syllabus 2021-22 will be published. Last year, the syllabus for the Karnataka PUC first year was lowered by 30%. For all topics, the Karnataka PUC syllabus 2022 is now accessible in PDF format. The syllabus, which comprises significant themes, marking schemes, and test patterns, must be consulted by students.
The Karnataka Board 1st PUC curriculum 2021-22 will familiarise them with the paper format and mark distribution by topic. Students must put in a lot of effort to finish the Karnataka PUC syllabus 2022 as soon as possible. This will help with strategic planning and preparation for the Karnataka PUC exams.

Karnataka 1st year Syllabus 2022 is available in pdf format on our portal for students to download subject wise links. Karnataka I PUC new Students who are preparing for the Kar 1st PUC final Examination , We had provided complete Languages, Commerce, Science, and Arts Subject wise links. Students can get the Syllabus PDF from the direct link at the bottom of the page for the Karnataka Board 1st PUC new Syllabus 2022.

How to Download Karnataka 1st PUC Syllabus 2022?

  • Go to the official website of the Karnataka 1st PUC Board- pue.kar.nic.in
  • Click on the “Syllabus & Textbook” section on the primary menu on the home page.
  • The syllabus section opens the link of 1st PUC syllabus of Science/Commerce/Arts.
  • Now, Students need to click on the necessary subject link to download the syllabus PDF.
  • Download and save the PDF for future references.

Karnataka PUC 1st Year All Subjects

  • Kannada
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Urdu
  • Sanskrit
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Opt- Kannada
  • History
  • Computer Science
  • Logic
  • Geography
  • Karnataka Music
  • Hindustani Music
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Statistics
  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Geology
  • Electronics
  • Education
  • Home Science
  • Basic Maths

Karnataka PUC 1st Year Education Syllabus


1.1 Meaning and Process of Education
Etymological Meaning of Education–Educatum, Educare and Educere Narrow and Wider meanings of Education Process of education – Bi-polar and tri-polar

1.2 Meaning of Education in the view of Indian and western thinkers Indian Thinkers– Rabindranath Tagore, Swamy Vivekananda , Mahathma Gandhiji, Dr. Radhakrishnan and J. Krishnamurthy Western Thinkers ,Rousseau, Froebel Pestolozzi, Dr. Montessori and John Dewey.

1.3 Basic Foundations of education Philosophical, Psychological and Sociological

1.4 General aims of Education – Individual and Social aims. Individual aims – Health, knowledge, Character and Vocation Social aims – Democratic citizenship- Culture – National Integration and International brotherhood.

UNIT 2 Development of the Individual

2.1 Meaning of Growth and development and their differences
2.2 Principles of Growth and development
2.3 Dimensions of development with respect to physical, Intellectual Social and emotional -early child hood, later child hood and adolescence- The Problems of adolescent stage and remedies.
2.4 Role of Heredity and Environment in the Growth and development of an

Unit 3 : Learning 
3.1 Meaning, Process and Characteristics of Learning
3.2 Types of Learning – (Gyagne’s 8 types)
3.3 Theories of Learning – Developmental Learning (Piaget)
Discovery Learning (Bruner)
Mastery Learning (Bloom)
Observational Learning (Bandura)
Constructive approach to learning
3.4 Factors influencing learning – Maturation, Motivation, Memory and attention.

Unit 4 : Group Dynamics 

4.1 Meaning and importance of group dynamics
4.2 Meaning and characterstics of a group
4.3 Types of group – primary and secondary ; In-group and Out-group
4.4 Class-room as a group and its characteristics
4.5 Meaning, characteristics and importance of Leadership
4.6 Qualities of a leader
4.7 Leadership styles – Democratic, autocratic and Laissezfaire

Unit 5: Education and Society 
5.1 Meaning and characteristics of society
5.2 Agencies of education – Formal (school) In-formal (family) Non-formal(Open schools and
5.3 Social change-Meaning-Factors determining social change Education as an Instrument of Social Change.
5.4 Education for transmission and refinement of culture.

Unit 6: Educational Economics 

6.1 Meaning and Importance of Educational Economics
6.2 Role of Education in Economic Development
6.3 Education as Consumption and investment
6.4 Development of Human Resources through education

Unit 7: Guidance and Counseling 

7.1 Meaning, Nature and principles of Guidance
7.2 Meaning and importance of Educational, vocational and Individual guidance.
7.3 Guidance services – information, occupational, health, counseling and placement.
7.4 Counseling- Meaning and importance.
7.5 Techniques of counseling – Directive, Non-directive and eclectic

Unit 8: Health Education 
8.1 Meaning and importance of health
8.2 Meaning of importance of health education
8.3 Characteristics of a physically healthy individual – factors helpful in the
physical health of an individual – cleanliness, balanced diet, relaxation and physical exercises.
8.4 Mal-nutrition – it causes, effects and remedies
8.5 Characteristics of a mentally healthy individual
8.6 Barriers to mental health – tension, frustration and stress. -Measures to promote mental health-importance of yoga, dhyana and pranayama

Unit 9 : Value Based Education
9.1 Meaning and importance of values
9.2 Individual – Social Values
Individual values – Self-esteem, discipline, promptness, simple living,
industriousness, moral and spiritual.
Social values – Democratic, secular, tolerance, non-violence and scientific
9.3 Theories of Indian values – Purusharthas and Panchakoshas 02
9.4 Role of education inculcating values among individuals. 02

Unit 10 Environmental Education 

10.1 Meaning and importance of environment
10.2 Types of environment – biotic and abiotic (social-economical and educational)
10.3 Meaning and importance of environmental education
10.4 Socio-economic and cultural factors leading to environmental degradation-
changing lifestyles with respect to modernization and urbanization.
10.5 Conservation of natural resources-Management of natural resources to meet
human needs – Role of 4 R’S (reduce, reuse, refuse, recycle)
10.6 Role of field trips, ecoclubs, nature walk, nature game in Environmental

Karnataka Board 2022 PUC Exam Preparation Tips:

Students should adjust their academic lifestyle to better prepare for Karnataka PUC 2022. These minor adjustments can have a big impact. To plan a strategy for yourself, read Karnataka PUC board exam toppers’ own tried and true ways.

  • Before you begin studying for the Karnataka PUC 2022 examinations, make sure you have all of the necessary information, such as the syllabus, exam pattern, and admission card. This will help you organise your thoughts and reduce tension while you prepare for the exam.
  • The majority of students do not care to read the syllabus, yet it is necessary to do so in order to determine which topics should be prioritized above others. Study the syllabus and exam pattern for Karnataka PUC 2022 thoroughly, noting the distribution of marks.
  • After you have gone through the syllabus and exam schedule, you will need to organise all of the information into a study plan that will help you stay on track with your studies. Making a study schedule will help you avoid wasting time by allocating time for your daily activities.
  • For any subject you’re studying, it’s vital to review sample papers or previous year’s question papers. Time yourself and try to finish the paper in the shortest period of time possible so you can revise throughout the exam.
  • While studying for the Karnataka PUC 2022, students must remember to take pauses and consume a balanced diet. You will only be able to perform at your best if you are healthy. While studying for the exam, keep stress at bay by participating in hobbies, napping, or exercising.

Karnataka PUC/ Inter 1st Year Education Previous Question Papers

S.No Subject Name Download Link
1 Education Click Here

Karnataka PUC/ Inter 1st Year 2022 Previous Question Papers

Subject Download PDF
Download Here
ENGLISH Download Here
HINDI Download Here
TAMIL Download Here
TELUGU Download Here
MARATHI Download Here
URDU Download Here
SANSKRIT Download Here
FRENCH Dowload Here
ARABIC Download Here
OPT KANNADA Download Here
HISTORY Download Here
ECONOMICS Download Here
LOGIC(EM) Download Here
LOGIC(KM) Download Here
GEOGRAPHY (KM) Download Here
GEOGRAPHY (EM) Download Here
HINDU MUSIC Download Here
SOCIOLOGY Download Here
STATISTICS Download Here
PSYCHOLOGY(EM) Download Here
PSYCHOLOGY(KM) Download Here
PHYSICS Download Here
CHEMISTRY Download Here
MATHS Download Here
BIOLOGY(KM) Download Here
BIOLOGY(EM) Download Here
GEOLOGY Download Here
EDUCATION Download Here
IT Download Here
RETAIL Download Here
AUTOMOBILE Download Here
HOME SCIENCE Download Here
BASIC MATHS Download Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding Karnataka 1st year PUC 2022

What is the full form of DPUE?
Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE), Karnataka.

Is the PUC Annual Exam Time Table available in PDF format from PUE, Karnataka?
Yes, the Karnataka 1st PUC Time Table is available in PDF format so that students can access it even when they are not connected to the internet.

Is it possible to get a PDF copy of the Karnataka 1st PUC Syllabus 2022?
Yes, students can obtain a PDF copy of the Karnataka 1st PUC Syllabus 2022.

From where am i able to find the Karnataka 1st PUC model question paper 2022 with answers?
Candidates who are in search of Karnataka 1st PUC Model Question Papers from the official website of Karnataka board.

When Karnataka Board 1st PUC Model Papers are released?
The Karnataka Board 1st PUC Model Question Papers are available now at the official website of the Department of Pre University Education, Karnataka.

what’s the passing marks for every paper?
Candidates have to score a minimum of 35% marks in each subject to pass the paper.

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