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Download JPSC Class I & II Officers Syllabus @ The Officials of the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) has released the JPSC Class I & II Officers Syllabus PDF on its official website @ And the Organization has released the JPSC Class I & II Officers Notification on its Official website Recently. So all the Candidates who had applied for JPSC Jobs 2021 can get the latest JPSC Syllabus & Exam Pattern from this page. Here we have provided the Detailed JPSC Class I & II Officers Syllabus along with the Updated Jharkhand PSC Class I & II Officers Exam Pattern 2021. SO all the Candidates are advised to check the JPSC Class I & II Officers Syllabus & Exam Pattern available On this page. Here we provide the Direct link to Download the Syllabus. So the Candidates need to click on the link and Download the Syllabus For Free of Cost. we will upload the JPSC Previous Question papers For the sake of the Candidates. Checkout now.

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JPSC Syllabus 2021 – Overview

Organization Name Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC)
Post Name Class I & II Officers
Category Syllabus
Location Jharkhand
Official Site

JPSC Class I & II Officers Exam Pattern PDF

 Prelims Exam Pattern 2021

Sno.  Subjects Questions Total Marks Time Duration
1. General Studies-I 100 200 2 hours
2. General Studies-II (Jharkhand specific) 100 200 2 hours
Total 400

 Mains Exam Pattern 2021

Paper No. Subject Maximum Marks Time Duration
I General English and General Hindi having 2 sections of 50 marks each. 100 03 Hours
II Language and Literature (to be chosen from 15 listed languages) 150 03 Hours
III History and Geography 200 03 Hours
IV Indian Constitution and Polity, Public Administration and Good Reforms. 200 03 Hours
V Indian Economy, Globalization and Sustainable Development 200 03 Hours
VI General Sciences, Environment and Technology development. 200 03 Hours
Total Marks 1050 

Download JPSC Class I & II Officers Syllabus 2021 PDF

JPSC Preliminary Exam Syllabus

It includes two papers i.e. General Studies & Jharkhand specific General Studies

General Studies Paper-I

It includes the following subjects:

  • History of India: Ancient India (5 questions); Medieval India(5 questions) and Modern India(5 questions)
  • Geography of India: General Geography(3 questions); Physical Geography(3 questions) ; Economic Geography(2 questions) and Social & Demographic Geography.(2 questions)
  • Economic and Sustainable Development: Basic features(4 questions); Sustainable Development(4 questions) and Economic issues(2 questions).
  • Indian Polity and Governance: Constitution of India(4 questions); Public Administration and Good Governance(4 questions); Decentralization: Panchayats & Municipalities(2 questions)
  • General Science(6 questions); Technology & IT(3 questions); Agriculture (6 questions)
  • National & International Current Events(15 questions)
  • Jharkhand Specific Questions (General Awareness of its History, Society, Culture & Heritage)(10 questions)
  • Miscellaneous questions of general nature. (15 questions)

General Studies Paper-II (Jharkhand specific)

Paper-II consists of:

  • History of Jharkhand (8 questions)
  • Jharkhand movement (7 questions)
  • The specific identity of Jharkhand (5 questions)
  • Jharkhand: Literature and Literary people (5 questions)
  • Jharkhand: People and Literature; dance; music; instruments tourist places; tribal culture(5 questions)
  • Jharkhand: major educational institutions(3 questions)
  • Jharkhand: Sports (5 questions)
  • Jharkhand: Land related Laws/Acts(12 questions)
  • Jharkhand: Industries and resources(6 questions)
  • Jharkhand: Disaster Management
  • Jharkhand Miscellaneous

JPSC Mains Exam Syllabus

Paper I- General Hindi and General English

Paper 1 is qualifying in nature; out of total of 100 marks, each candidate needs to get a minimum of 30 marks. Based on the JPSC exam pattern, Mains Paper 1 will have 2 sections including:

  • Hindi
  • English

Both these papers will have equal weightage (50 marks each). This test is conducted to test a candidate’s performance above 2 languages. Based on the JPSC exam pattern, this paper is broadly divided into the following category:

  • Essay
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Precis

Paper II-Language and Literature

The candidates attempting this paper can select from one of the following languages and literature:

  • Santhali Language and Literature
  • English Language and Literature
  • Oriya Language and Literature
  • Bengali Language and Literature
  • Urdu Language and Literature
  • Sanskrit Language and Literature
  • Hindi Language and Literature
  • Mundari Language and Literature
  • Kurux Language and Literature
  • Kurmali Language and Literature
  • Khortha Language and Literature
  • Panchpargania Language and Literature
  • Nagpuri Language and Literature
  • Khadia Language and Literature
  • Ho Language and Literature

Paper III- Social Sciences, History and Geography

The JPSC exam pattern for the Mains Paper 3 is divided into two sections

  • Indian History
  • Indian Geography

In the history section, the following syllabus comes:

History Geography
Ancient period
Jharkhand history
Medieval Period
Modern Period
Physical Geography
Physical and Human Geography of India
Natural Resources of India
Jharkhand Geography and utilization of its resources
Industrial and Urban Development
The style of Urban Settlement and Pollution problems.

PSC Mains Syllabus – Paper 4

Paper-4 include 2 sections:

  • Public Administration and Good governance
  • Indian Constitution and Polity
Indian Constitution and Polity Public Administration and Good Governance
Main features of the Indian constitution
Basis Fundamental Rights and Duties
Government of the state
Centre-state relations
Provisions regarding the administration of SC/ST Areas. Etc.
Public Administration
Public and private administration
Union Administration
State Administration
District Administration
Personnel Administration
Bureaucracy, etc.

Paper V

Questions related to this sector will be asked from topics like Indian Economy, Globalization, etc. Mains Syllabus for the JPSC Paper Five include:

Basic features of the Indian Economy

  • National Income
  • Inflation
  • Demographic features
  • Agriculture and Rural economy
  • Industrial economy
  • Public finance
  • Public expenditure
  • Budget
  • Fiscal policy
  • Indian monetary and its structure
  • Indian Trade, Balance of Payment

Sustainable Development, Indian Development Strategy, and Economic Issues

  • Economic development, its meaning and measurement
  • Importance of Foreign capital, role of technology in the growth of Indian economy
  • Sustainable development
  • Development status, problems related to socially and economically marginalized sections
  • Poverty and Unemployment
  • Food and nutritional security
  • Economic Reforms taken

Nature and Impact on Indian economy

  • New economic reforms
  • Reforms made in the financial and banking industry
  • Globalization of Indian Economy
  • Agriculture sector
  • Industrial development and economic reforms in India

The economy of Jharkhand – its features, problems, challenges, and key strategies

  • Economic growth and present structure of the economy of Jharkhand
  • Demography features of Jharkhand
  • Poverty status, unemployment, food security, malnutrition, education reforms, and health indicators in Jharkhand, etc.
  • Land, forest and environmental problems in Jharkhand

Paper VI- General Sciences, Technology Development, and Environment

Ap Fa1 Important Questions Papers 2022

FA1 10th IMP Question  Papers 2022 Fa1 9th IMP Question  Papers 2022 FA1 8th IMP  Question papers 2022
Fa1 10th Telugu Fa1 9th Telugu Fa1 8th Telugu
Fa1 10th Hindi Fa1 9th Hindi  Fa1 8th Hindi 
Fa1 10th English Fa1 9th English Fa1 8th English
Fa1 10th Maths FA1 9th Maths FA1 8th Maths
Fa1 10th Physics Fa1 9th Physics  Fa1 8th Physics 
Fa1 10th Biology Fa1 9th Biology  Fa1 8th Biology 
Fa1 10th Social Fa1 9th Social  Fa1 8th Social 
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Agriculture Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Science and Technology Development

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