FLN (ECCE) 60-Day Certificate Course – Spell 1 DRPs List and Training Schedule Revealed!”


FLN (ECCE) 60-Day Certificate Course – Spell 1 DRPs List and Training Schedule Revealed!”

FLN (ECCE) 60-Day Certificate Course 2023| SCERT-Supporting Andhra  Learning Transformation (SALT) Programme in School Education- Early Childhood Literacy and Numeracy (ECCE)-60 day Certification Course – Conducted DRP Trainings in two Spells for 6 Days in Residential Mode – From 28-08-2023 to 02-09-2023 (spell I) and From 04-09-2023 to 09-09-2023 (spell II). AP FA1 10th Class Questions FLN (ECCE) 60-Day Certificate Course  -Orders-Issued-Regarding. FLN (ECCE) 60-Day Certificate Course.

1. The NEP-2020, the NIPUN Bharat guidelines, and the NCF FS-2022.
2.MoU signed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh with ASER (Pratham) on August 17, 2022.
3.ProcsRc.No:ESE02-22/35/2023-SCERT Dated 12-08-2023 by the Commissioner of School Education, AP, Amaravati. FLN (ECCE) 60-Day Certificate Course.

All Regional Directors of School Education in the State, District Educational Officers in the state, Additional Project Coordinators in the state, DIET Principals in the State, Academic Monitoring Officers in the state, and DCEB secretaries in the state Have been informed that, as Envisaged in National Education Policy-2020, Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) has Been identified as an urgent mission by the Department of School Education to Achieve by 2026-27. FLN (ECCE) 60-Day Certificate Course

To strengthen Foundational learning, the Department of School Education is Developing a 60-day certificate course for Grade 1 & 2 Teachers in Collaboration with ASER (Pratham), the Technical partner for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).

FLN (ECCE) 60-Day Certificate Course  2023-2024. In this Regard, Grade 1 and 2 Teachers will Receive Blended Training For 60 days (@20 days each year) over three years. As part of These Courses, State-level Key Resource Persons (KRPs) Training was provided, and District Resource Persons (DRPs) Training would be provided in Two periods over 6 Days @ the identified venues.

  • Spell -I: From August 28 to September 2, 2023
  • Spell-II: Between 04-09-2023 and 09-09-2023

Roles & Responsibilities:

1. The District Educational Officer in Charge of The venue will be the Chairman of the training programme and will be Responsible For Ensuring the Successful operation of the DRP Trainings in Collaboration with DIET principals and AMOs.

2. Because DIET is the Nodal Agency for Academic Training Programmes on FLN, the Nodal officer will be the DIET principal where the venue is located, who will act as course Director and oversee the Training Process with the Assistance of concerned DIET Faculty who Attended KRP Trainings.

3. The AMOs where the venues are located Must handle the logistics, Arrangements, and other Necessities Necessary at the venues on Schedule.

Download List of DRPs and Venu Details