AP Govt Employees Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Scheme Extended upto 31.03.2024


AP Govt Employees Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Scheme 2023 – 2024

Employees Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Scheme Extended Upto 31.03.2024  has Been Extended by the Government of Andhra Pradesh from August 1, 2022, up to March 31, 2024, on par with the Employees Health Scheme. Employees Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Scheme

The medical reimbursement programme under the APIMA Rules, 1972, was extended to employees and retirees on Tuesday by an order from the state government. This is the final extension; no further extensions will be granted.

The GO stated that Employees Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Scheme the chief executive officer of the Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust was requested to take required steps to address such and other complaints after the employees covered by EHS indicated they were Having Trouble Getting Turned Away by Hospitals.

AP Govt Employees Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Scheme Details 

Government of Andhra Pradesh has implemented a Medical Reimbursement Scheme for its Employees and pensioners. The Scheme Aims to provide Financial Assistance to Government Employees and pensioners for medical expenses incurred by them or their dependents. Here are some key details about the AP Govt Employees Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Scheme:

  1. Eligibility: All permanent Employees of the state government and pensioners are eligible to avail of the Medical Reimbursement scheme. The Scheme also Covers the Dependent Family Members of the Employee/ pensioner.
  2. Covered Expenses: The scheme covers medical expenses incurred by the employee/pensioner or their dependent family members for treatments, hospitalization, surgery, and diagnostic tests.
  3. Reimbursement Amount: The Reimbursement amount for Medical Expenses depends on the type of treatment and the nature of the illness. The Reimbursement limit ranges from Rs.50,000 to Rs.3,00,000 per Annum Depending on the category of the Employee/ pensioner.
  4. Documents Required: Employees/pensioners need to submit the original bills, Receipts, and prescriptions to claim reimbursement for medical expenses. They also need to provide proof of the Relationship with the dependent family member.
  5. Claim Procedure: The Reimbursement claim can be Submitted online Through the official website of the Directorate of Medical Education. Alternatively, Employees/ pensioners can Submit the Claim physically to the Concerned Authorities.
  6. Time Limit: The Reimbursement Claim Needs to be Submitted within six Months From the Date of the Medical Treatment. The Reimbursement Amount will be Credited to the Employee/pensioner’s bank account.

The AP Govt Employees Pensioners Medical Reimbursement Scheme is a beneficial scheme for government employees and pensioners as it provides them financial assistance for medical expenses. It helps to reduce the financial burden on employees and pensioners and ensures they receive quality medical care without any financial constraints.

Health Medical and Family Welfare Department – PDF Download

Health Medical and Family Welfare Department is a government department responsible for formulating and implementing health policies and programs in the state. The department aims to provide quality health services to the citizens of the state and improve the overall health status of the population.

The Functions of the Health Medical and Family Welfare Department include:

  1. Formulating and implementing Health Policies and programs: The Department is Responsible for Formulating and implementing Health policies and programs to ensure that citizens have access to quality health care services.
  2. Disease control and prevention: The department takes measures to control and prevent the spread of communicable diseases by implementing various programs like vaccination drives, awareness campaigns, and health screenings.
  3. Providing health care services: The department provides healthcare services to the citizens of the state through various government hospitals, primary health centers, and community health centers.
  4. Training and development of health personnel: The department is responsible for the training and development of health personnel to improve the quality of health services provided to the citizens.
  5. Promotion of family planning: The department promotes family planning to ensure that families have the desired number of children and improve maternal and child health.
  6. Monitoring and evaluation: The department monitors and evaluates the implementation of health programs to ensure that they are meeting their objectives.

Procedure for Claiming Medical Reimbursement in Andhra Pradesh is as Follows:

  1. First, the Employee or pensioner Needs to Get Treatment From a Government or Recognized private Hospital.
  2. After the Treatment, the Employee or pensioner needs to pay the medical bills and collect all the required documents, including prescriptions, discharge summary, and bills.
  3. The Employee or Pensioner Needs to Fill up the Medical Reimbursement Form and Attach all the Documents with the Form.
  4. The Employee or pensioner then Needs to Submit the Form Along with the Documents To the Concerned Authority, which can be Either the Head of the Department or the Director of Medical Education.
  5. The concerned Authority will verify the Documents and Approve the Claim.
  6. The Approved Claim will be Forwarded To the Treasury Department for payment.
  7. The amount will be directly credited to the employee or pensioner’s bank account.

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