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CBSE SYLLABUS FOR CLASS 7 CIVICS CBSE announced the latest revised syllabus for grades 9-12 on the official website for the next 202122 Academic Session.  A complete understanding of the CBSE syllabus is very important for students, as most national-level entrance exams are based on this syllabus.  This page provided detailed information about the latest CBSE syllabus for sessions 2021-2022.

The Board is committed to providing quality education to foster the intellectual, social and cultural vitality of learners.  The Board is committed to providing a stress-free learning environment that fosters competent, confident and ambitious citizens who foster harmony and peace.

This department strives to provide learning plans, syllabuses, academic guidelines, textbooks, support materials, strengthening activities, and capacity building programs.

The goals of the Academic, Training, Innovation and Research Unit of the Central Committee for Secondary Education are to develop academic excellence by developing policies and operational plans to ensure balanced academic activities in the schools of the Board. Achieving sex. This department strives to provide learning plans, syllabuses, academic guidelines, textbooks, support materials, strengthening activities, and capacity building programs. This unit operates in accordance with the broader objectives set out in the 2005 National Curriculum Framework and in accordance with various policies and laws enacted from time to time by the Government of India.


Overview of class 7 Civics CBSE syllabus:

The CBSE Grade 7 Civics curriculum is very important to students. Students will see the CBSE Grade 7 civics syllabus and learn what they need to understand from the topic of civics.

The textbook consists of nine chapters, one after another, from easy to difficult. All chapters in the textbook are linked to each other. The official CBSE syllabus for class 7 is available here.  The link has been provided below; they can get the CBSE 7 Civics syllabus for 2021-2022 in a pdf format.  Refer the format frequently, while studying. It keeps you in track of your chapters that you have read.

Class 7 is an important phase in a children education journey as it prepares them in their transition for higher studies and helps in various activities of education.  From  class 7, a student should be more attentive towards subjects. Because the concept built in class 7 will be useful in further upcoming classes. Students can download the CBSE class 7 civics syllabus from this article on



  1. NCERT is an essential study source for CBSE class 7th, as mandated by the board. The NCERT laid downs a foundation and structural understanding for the student of various classes, which makes easy for the students to understand the chapters in later grades.
  2. The CBSE class 7 study resources will help students grasp the main fundamental of every topic in their class.
  3. NCERT for class 7 civics will be obtained from


To know about the NCERT syllabus for class 7 Civics pdf online, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to, which is the official website of CBSE

Step 2: click on the home page, look for the syllabus from grade I-IIX, choose the class grade and click on it.

Step 3: Choose the syllabus for primary classes from the drop – down menu. Then after choose the curriculum for civics class 7 from the drop-down menu.

Step-4: The syllabus will appear on your monitor. Save the pdf, so that it will be helpful.


The table below shows the chapter listed in the CBSE class 7 civics subject. As CBSE Class 7 students can see, there are total 9 chapters

chapter-1 on Equality
chapter-2 Role of the Government in health
chapter-3 How the state Government works
chapter-4 Growing up as Boys and Girls
chapter-5 Women Changes the world
chapter-6 Understanding Media
chapter-7 Markets Around us
chapter-8 A shirt  in the Market
chapter-9 Struggles for Equality


Q. What are the Benefits of using the NCERT Grade 7 civics solution?

Ans. NCERT helps the students in solving solutions of class 7 civics and revise their curriculum before the exam and Assignments. Most of the students have less time to prepare and it is not possible to read entire syllabus by the end at that time. These NCERT helps the students to identify important topics and highlight important points. These NCERT gives you a overview of the chapter which helps the students in their revision. These notes have been prepared by experts.

Q .What are the key chapters in the Grade 7 Civics NCERT solution that need further revision?

Ans. The 7th grade civics lesson plan has a total of nine chapters. Most of these chapters cover basic concepts that students can easily grasp. If you are having trouble understanding a topic, a thorough reading and reference to the Grade 7 NCERT Solutions can help. Chapters that have more weight and may need further revision include Chapters 1 On Equality, 2 The Role of Government in Health and 6 Understanding the Media.

Q. Do you have chapters with the lowest identifier in CIVICICICS NCERT Solutions in Class 7?

Ans. Chapters in CIVICS NCERT SOLUTIONS chapter keeps the lowest weighting on marking. The name of these chapters is “a boy and a girl” or a “market shirt”. These chapters have lower loss, but students should not ignore them as they can lead to loss of marks. The students should study all chapters provided in the class 7 of civics NCERT Books.

Q.  Should we need to refer to NCERT solutions of grade 7 civics in CBSE?

Ans. The survey is designed in relation to the NCERT books, so it is important for students to learn well from these books. The questions contained in the NCERT book are very important and can be asked in any format in the exam. Referencing the NCERT solution for these questions will help students understand the different concepts of the chapter. The Grade 7 Civics NCERT solution is useful when students have difficulty understanding and answering questions.


We hope this article on CBSE syllabus for class 7 Civics helps you in a good vibe. If you have any queries, feel free to post in comment box below. We will respond to you at earlier.





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