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Hi viewers, you already know that everyone is more excited and entertained to watch the show Bigg Boss Telugu Season3 now. Now the show is reached to its Grand finale and this is the last week for the contestants to stay in the Bigg Boss house. As long as the show was running successfully and the participants are playing their way to be as good as well to win the title. But the final winner is only one contestant and it will be absolutely choice of the audience only. So, the audience just makes time to support your favorite contestant in this final week as well.

Bigg Boss Telugu show is telecasting by Star Maa channel for Telugu audience. It was successful and got more viewers for the season 1.  And the season 2 is also maintaining that grace and going very successful and got more audience to watch regularly.


Show Name Bigg Boss Telugu
Telecasting channel Star Maa
Timings 9.30 P.M. in normal days and 9 P.M. in week-ends
Hosted by Natural star Nani
Season 3
Category Reality show
No. of Contestants 16

Bigg Boss 2 was hosting by Tollywood Actor Natural Star Nani. At first total 16 contestants are entered in the house and one wildcard entry got entry to participate. The game is to play various tasks by the contestants and eliminate their consolidate person in every week via nomination which is same as Bigg Boss season 1.

There is a Voting system to the viewers to save their favorite contestants every week from nominations. The show premiered on 10 June 2018 on Star Maa Television.

In this season, Bigg Boss Telugu was invited common peoples for the first time to participate in it.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 – Grand Finale

The final week of Bigg Boss Telugu is going on now. There are only 5 contestants are in Finalist that was telecasted on Yesterday.

The contestants of Grand Finale are:

  • Kaushal
  • Geetha Madhuri
  • Tanish
  • Deepthi
  • Samrat

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Voting Process, Missed call numbers and Today status of Voting

Through the voting mechanism, viewers can protect and save their favourite contestant of the show. The votes are to be counted in every week and one contestant got eliminated from the show based on the votes.

The rule of the house is; total 16 contestants going to stay for overall season. For this eviction, every housemate should nominate two other co-participants. The person who received most number of votes from housemates will be nominating for public poll.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Voting Poll: Status

In the fourteenth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Voting four contestants has been nominated for eviction

  • Deepthi
  • Kaushal
  • Geetha
  • Rol Rida
  • Amit

As per yesterday episode, Rol Rida was eliminated from this week. Remaining 4 contestants and Samrat are in Grand Finale now.

Bigg Boss Telugu: Online Voting Process

The online voting is for the viewers will be asked to cast their vote for the evicted contestant to save from elimination. The contestant, who gains the minimum votes from the viewers, will be eliminated from the Program.

Types of Voting

Audience can vote their favourite contestants by using 2 methods. They are

  • Online voting poll
  • Missed call

Bigg Boss Telugu: How to Vote Contestants?

Here we described the voting process of Bigg Boss Telugu for all audience to save their favourite contestant.

  • First of all, you need to login from your Gmail account
  • Then go to Google and search ” Bigg Boss Telugu Vote ”
  • Now the voting page will be appear in screen
  • Here you can see list of nominated contestant
  • Click on your favourite contestant menu
  • Now the page will direct to voting bar to make total number of votes
  • After completing 50 Votes, Now click on Submit vote button to finish the process.

NOTE: A person can cast maximum of 50 votes from a mail id at once only. Viewers can able to split the vote as per convenience in those 50 numbers. The online voting poll will be available only for five days every week i.e. Monday to Friday.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Missed Call Numbers

Audience can also vote their favourite contestants by using Missed Call Mechanism.  Look at the below we have given the list of Missed Call numbers of Each Contestant:

  1. Kaushal Manda –7729998817
  2. Deepti Nallamothu– 7729998808
  3. Tanish – 7729998811
  4. Geetha Madhuri –7729998801
  5. Samrat Reddy –7729998815
  6. Amit Tiwari – 7729998813
  7. Babu Gogineni – 7729998805
  8. Shamala- 7729998802
  9. Roll Rida – 7729998807
  10. Bhanu Sri – 7729998804
  11. Kireeti Damaraju – 7729998816
  12. Deepthi Sunaina – 7729998812
  13. Sanjana – 7729998814
  14. Tejaswi Madivada – 7729998806
  15. Ganesh – 7729998803
  16. Nutan Naidu – 7729998809
  17. Nandini Rai – 7729998810

Bigg Boss Telugu 2018: Contestant List – Season 2

Look at below table to know the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestants List and their details:

Name of the Contestant Profession/Known as Status of the Contestant
Kaushal Manda Model And Television Actor In Grand Finale
Geetha Madhuri Singer And Dubbing Artist In Grand Finale
Amit Tiwari Popular South Indian Actor Eliminated
Babu Gogineni Humanist, Rationalist, And Human Rights Activist Eliminated
Roll Rida Prominent Rapper And Singer Eliminated
Deepti Nallamothu News  reader and anchor In Grand Finale
Bhanu Sri Telugu Movie Actress Eliminated
Shamala Television Presenter And Actor Eliminated
Tanish Actor In Grand Finale
Kireeti Damaraju Actor Eliminated
Deepthi Sunaina Instagram Star Eliminated
Tejaswi Madivada Actor Eliminated
Samrat Reddy Actor In Grand Finale
Sanjana Model and Miss Hyderabad Winner Eliminated
Ganesh RJ Eliminated
Nutan Naidu Politician Eliminated
Nandini Rai Actor Eliminated

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Week wise – Eliminations

Contestant  Name Eliminated Week
Roll Rida 15th
Amit Tiwari 14th
Shyamala 13th
Ganesh & Nutan Naidu 12th
Pooja Ramachandran 11th
Deepthi Sunaina 10th
Babu Gogineni 9th
Nandini Rai 8th
No Eviction 7th
Tejaswi Madivada 6th
Bhanu Sri 5th
Shyamala 4th
Kireeti Damaraju 3rd
Nutan Naidu 2nd
Sanjana 1st

Week-1 Eviction: Sanjana Anne

Sanjana Anne was evicted from the house in 1st week. Deepthi Sunanina, Kaushal, Keeriti, Ganesh and Nautan Naidu also evicted in that week. But Sanjana received less votes from audience.

Week-2 Eviction: Nutan Naidu

In 2nd week, Nutan Naidu has been eliminated from the house. He received lesser number of votes than Kaushal Manda, Ganesh, Deepthi Sunaina and Bab Gogineni. Nutan is second commoner contestant of the season to get eliminated after Sanjana Anne.

Week-3 Eviction:  Kireeti Damaraju

Kireeti Damaraju has been evicted from the show in 3rd week. He nominated along with Bhanu Sree, Geetha Madhuri, Ganesh. Kireeti got lesser number of online and missed call vote from audience.

Week-4 Eviction: Shymala

Shymala eliminated from the house at 4th week. Babu Gogineni, Geetha Madhuri, Deepti, Kaushal, Tejaswi, Ganesh and Nandini are the other participants nominated for the week. Deepthi and Nandini saved by Kaushal and Tejaswi, Kaushal and Tejaswi given a special power to save two among three contestants, so Shymala evicted from show on 4th week.

Week-5 Eviction: Bhanu Sree

Bhanu Sree has been evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu house after the result of week 5. She got lesser number of votes from audience while competing along with Ganesh and Deepthi Nallamothu.

Bhanu is the fifth contestant to get evicted from the house after Sanjana, Nutan, Keeriti and Shyamala.

Week-6 Eviction: Tejaswi Madivada

For the sixth week of Big boss Telugu vote result, Tejaswi Madivada has been eliminated from the house. After battling with other four housemates including her best friends Samrat Reddy and Tanish in public poll, she has been evicted from the house. Tejaswi is the sixth participant to exit from the show after Sanjana, Nutan Naidu, Keeriti, Shyamala and Bhanu Shree.

Week-7 Eviction: No Eviction

Shyamala and Nutan Naidu re-enters bigg boss telugu house. For the 7th week of Big boss Telugu, audience where given a chance to bring back one of the eliminated contestant into the house.

Week-8 Eviction: Nandini Rai

Nandini Rai sends off from the show in 8th week. Because of lack of involvement in tasks and confronts with other housemates.

Week-9 Eviction: Babu Gogineni

Babu Gogineni was eliminated from the house in week 9th. Babu seems not much active during the daily task which let audience not to support him over other nominated contestant.

Week-10 Eviction: Deepthi Sunaina

The youngest contestant of the bigg boss 2 telugu house, Deepthi Sunaina eliminated after week 10 voting poll results. The contestant who seems too lazy in task and not much involved in other activities which is widely disliked by audience.

Deepthi nominated along with Nutan Naidu, Shyamala, Geetha, Roll Rida and Ganesh  during tenth week eviction process. She is one who got least amount of support from Star Maa viewers.

Week- 11 Eviction: Pooja Ramachandran

The popular SS Music Radio Jockey and wild card contestant of bigg boss telugu 2, Pooja Ramachandran eliminated from the show. During the voting poll for week 11, she failed to impress audience while competing along with Kaushal, Tanish and Deepthi. But she failed to gain audience support due to some dispute with other housemates.

Week -12 Eviction: Ganesh & Nutan Naidu

For the twelfth week of big boss telugu two contestants has been evicted from the house. Based on the online voting poll, Ganesh is the first participant eliminated on saturday show. The announcement of double eviction shocked all contestants in which Kaushal saved first with highest vote.

Nutan Naidu is the second contestant who backed his bags during the double eviction process. He is the other commoner participant who already evicted from the house during second week and re-entered half way. However he failed to get more votes than Kaushal, Samrat and Amit in poll for the 12th week.

Week – 13 Eviction: Shyamala

Shyamala was eliminated for the second time in the show. She has been re-entered after been evicted in controversial way during earlier week by Tejaswi. Somehow audience found her not deserve to be in the house and decided to send her out of the house.

Week – 14 Eviction: Amit Tiwari

On the 99th day of bigg boss telugu season 2, Amit Tiwari was evicted from the house. He competed along with Kaushal, Geetha, Roll Rida, Shyamala and gets eliminated.

Week – 15 Eviction: Roll Rida

Roll Rida was evicted from the big boss house yesterday. He played very well but he didn’t get more votes in last week. So, that the reason he get evicted from the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu: Week-Wise House Captain List

Contestant  Name Captaincy Week Captaincy Task
No Captain 1st
Samrat Reddy 2nd Bigg Boss Mela
Amit 3rd Oopiri Unnantha Varaku
Roll Rida 4th Biryani Vindhu
Koushal 5th
Geetha Madhuri 6th inti Samskarthallu
Geetha Madhuri 7th Move the statue
Pooja Ramachandran 8th Dance with DJ
Tanish 9th Paint the wall


Bigg Boss Voting Rules & Regulations:

  • The voting system is provided to save their favourite contestant only
  • Audience can register through their Gmail account to cast their vote
  • Maximum of 50 Votes can be accepted from one Gmail account per day
  • You can use same Email address for entire week
  • Indian citizens only cast votes in online
  • Through mobile one can register around 10 votes from one number in a week by missed call
  • The cost for call is completely free and the count from 11th vote from same number not valid.

BIGG BOSS 2 TELUGU: Rules for Contestants

  • All the sixteen contestants can enter the Bigg Boss house on the first day itself.
  • Once they’re in, they cannot leave the premises any longer.
  • Each week one of the contestants can face eviction.
  • The audience poll can decide the end result.
  • None of the contestants has the permission to sleep during the daytime or once the alarm rings.
  • Social control awaits them for violating the rules.
  • The contestant’s are assigned a particular task, and they need to perform their duties accordingly.
  • The participants cannot use mobile phones; watch TV, read newspaper, etc. in the circumstances.
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