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  1. AP Schools Academic Calendar from 2021 for Primary, Upper Primary, High Schools: Commissioner of School Education, Government of AP CSE has Announced the Andhra Pradesh School Academic Calendar for the session 2021. The AP Schools Academic Calendar will give you the Holiday List, Number of Working Days, Examination Schedules of Andhra Pradesh Schools. Govt has separately Issued the AP School Academic Calendars for Primary Schools and UP/High Schools. Download the Calendar in Telugu from the below links.

Click Here to Download AP Schools Systems and Planning PDF 

AP New School Academic Calendar 2021-2022 for PS, UPS, High Schools PDF Download

AP School Academic Calendar 2021-22: The Govt of Andhra Pradesh has released the AP School Academic Calendar 2021-22 from July 1st, 2021. AP Schools Time Table for 2021-22 and the Year Plan released for Primary Schools (PS),  Upper Primary (UP) High Schools (HS) High School. FA1,  FA2, FA3, FA4 Exams Timetable,  SA1 Quarterly Exam Timetable 2021/ 2022., SA2 Half Yearly Exam Time Table,  SA3 Annual Exam Time Table, AP Schools Academic Activities, Schools Reopening date. Complete details will be provided here on this page for the sake of Students. Checkout Now.

AP Schools Time Table for 6th, 7th,8th,9th,10th Classes

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1 2021 – 22 Academic Calendar   Class – 6 Click Here
2 2021 – 22 Academic Calendar   Class – 7 Click Here
3 2021 – 22 Academic Calendar   Class – 8 Click Here
4 2021 – 22 Academic Calendar   Class – 9 Click Here
5 2021 – 22 Academic Calendar   Class – 10 Click Here


S.No Class Activity
1 1st Class to 9th Class Completion of syllabus & preparation for Summative Assessment Examinations
Summative Assessment Examinations
Uploading of Marks and preparation of promotion list
Summer Holidays
2 10th Class Completion of syllabus
Preparation for Pre-Final Examinations
Pre-Final Examinations
Preparation for Final Examinations
SSC Public Examinations

AP Schools Academic Calendar 2021-22 Guidelines here

a) All Headmasters, Teachers, staff, etc., under all Government management shall attend school from 1st July 2021.

b) On that particular day (i.e., 01.07.2021) they have to prepare the school-specific plan regarding attendance of the staff to the schools, works related to the admission process, works related to flagship initiatives, UDISE+, creating Whatsapp groups, pooling of the digital content so as to escalate the online education from 15.07.2021 onwards.

c) From the next day (i.e., 02.07.2021) onwards, all teachers of primary and upper primary schools shall attend to school in alternative days. Further, the concerned Headmaster may take appropriate decisions based on the need and works on which day which teacher to attend.

d) For high schools, 50% of staff shall attend every day (i.e., one-day language teachers and another day non-language teachers may attend). However, the Headmaster may take appropriate decisions basing on the cadre strength of the school.

e) All Headmasters shall take necessary steps and ensure proper sanitization and school hygiene i.e, all work areas intended for teaching/demonstrations etc., including laboratories, other common utility areas and with particular attention to frequently touched surfaces etc., with the help of sanitary workers engaged and also in consultation with the Panchayat Raj Department / Municipal Administration Department.

Preparation of Academic plan to deliver online education from 15.07.2021

g) From 15.07.2021, worksheets will be supplied by the SCERT, A.P to impart teaching learning process and the same may be given to the students through parents. (under any circumstances students should not be called to schools).

2. All concerned officials shall ensure strict enforcement of guidelines/ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all activities in the schools issued by the Union and State Governments from time to time for strict compliance on COVID-Appropriate behaviour such as, wearing of masks, keeping social distancing etc., in the schools without fail.

3. The Director of School Education, A.P, the State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, the Secretary, APREIS/APSWREIS/APTWREIS/APBCWREIS, etc., Commissioner and Director, Municipal Administration and Urban Development, the Director of Government Examinations, the Director, SCERT, District Collectors, RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to take further necessary action accordingly, in the matter.

AP Schools Academic Calendar has been Announced. Check the AP Schools Academic Calendar Holidays List, Exam Schedule, Working Days list from the Direct Link provided below.

AP School Academic Calendar Primary, UP, HS 2021-22:

Primary 09.00 AM to 03.30 PM
Upper Primary 09.00 AM to 04.00 PM
High Schools 09.00 AM to 04.00 PM

Important Dates of AP Schools Academic Calendar 2020-21

Announced By Commissioner of School Education, AP
Short Name CSE, AP
category Academic Calendar
Academic Session 2020-21
Official Website www.cse.ap.gov.in

AP Schools General Holidays 2021-22 Details

Dasara Holidays 24-10-2021 to 26-10-2021.
Pongal Holidays (SANKRANTHI) 08-01-2022 to 17-01-2022.
Summer holidays 25-03-2022
Reopening Date 01-07-2021


  • The Formative Assessment 1 will be conducted in October.
  • Summative Assessment -1 will be conducted in January next year
  • Formative Assessment 2 will be conducted in March 2021
  • Summative Assessment -1 will be conducted in April 2021

School Working Days

  • Schools working days as follows
  • 21 days in September,
  • 21 days in October,
  • 24 days in November,
  • 25/22 days in December,
  • 20/23 days in January,
  • 23 days in February,
  • 25 days in March,
  • 21 days in April.
  • In all, there will be 181 working days in 2022-21.

Click here to Download AP Schools Academic Calendar 2021- 22 Guidelines

Download AP Academic Calendar for 2021-22 Academic Year in Telugu/English

Download Primary School Academic Calendar 2021-22

Download UP High Schools Academic Calendar 2011-22

Download Month Wise Plans and Days of Remembrance 6-10th Classes

AP Schools Re-Open Dates 2021

ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ పాఠశాలల విద్యావిషయక క్యాలెండర్ 2020-21

Commissioner of  School Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh CSE AP has released Academic Calenders for AP Primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools & High Schools separately. CSE has fixed 226 working days for ADY 2019-20.

AP Schools Time Table for 6th, 7th,8th,9th,10th Classes

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1 2020 – 21  Academic Calendar   Class – 7 Click Here
2 2020 – 21  Academic Calendar   Class – 8 Click Here
3 2020 – 21  Academic Calendar   Class – 9 Click Here
4 2020 – 21  Academic Calendar   Class – 10 Click Here

AP Primary Schools Academic Calendar 2020-21

Month Total Working Days School Days House Activity Days
November 2020 8 7 1
December 2020 31 26 5
January 2021 31 22 9
February 2021 28 24 4
March 2021 31 26 5
April 2021 30 21 9
Total 159 126 33

AP School Exams 2020-21: FA & SA Exam Dates

Summative and Formative Assessment Exam Timetables/dates have been shown in the Academic Calendar. FA-1 will be in October 2020. SA1 will be from 19-01-2021 to 31-01-2021 in Andhra Pradesh. SA-2 will be from 17th April to 21st April 2021. So it’s noted that there will not be SA-3 again this year.

Exam Name Tentative Dates/ Month Online Upload
FA-1 October 2020 10-11-2020
SA-1 19 – 31 January 2021 10-02-2021
FA-2 March 2020 10-04-2021
SA-2 17 – 21 April 2021 30-04-2021

AP Schools Important Holidays 2020-21

Dassera Holidays will be from 22-10-2020 to 26-10-2020. Whereas Christmas Holidays, Sankranthi Holidays and Other Holidays we have mentioned in the table below.

Dasara Holidays 2020-21 22-10-2020 to 26-10-2020
Christmas Holidays for Missionary Schools 24-12-2020 to 28-12-2020
Sankranthi Holidays 2021 12-01-2021 to 17-01-2021
Summer Holidays 2021 24-04-2021 to 11-06-202

Summer Holidays for AP Schools from 24-04-2021 to 11-06-2021

removed lessons

AP Schools Reduced Syllabus 2020-21


Download Primary School Academic Calendar 2020-21

Download UP High Schools Academic Calendar 2019-20 

Monthwise schedules of various Programs have been shown in the Draft. Ammaku vandanam, Swachh Patasaala and Other Important Days will be celebrated throughout the year in particular days. The schedule also is shown in the Academic Calendar.

Download AP Academic Calendar for 2020-21 Academic Year in Telugu/English

Download Primary School Academic Calendar 2020-21

Download UP High Schools Academic Calendar 2019-20


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