AP School Assembly Daily News Activities 10.08.2023 & Upcoming Daily Activities


AP School Assembly Daily News Activities 2023-2024

AP School Assembly Daily News Activities 2023-2024 | AP School Assembly Daily News Activities The school Assembly Activities is An important Part oF The Educational Experience Since it Brings Together Students, Teachers, and Staff in a Group Environment. It is a Gathering Place For Kids To Begin Their Day, AP Schools Academic Calendar Gather, and participate in Numerous Activities That Help to Their overall Growth. The Daily News and Activities Segment is an important part of The School Assembly.

AP School Assembly Daily News Activities Purpose and Importance :

  1.  Information Dissemination: The Daily News Acitivities Segment is an Avenue Through which Students Receive important information, Announcements, and updates. This includes school events, extracurricular Activities, Academic Achievements, and upcoming projects. It helps Ensure That All Students are Aware of The latest Developments in the School Community. AP School Assembly Daily News Activities https://cse.ap.gov.in
  2. Current Affairs and General Knowledge: The daily news allows students to stay informed about current events, both locally and globally. This Exposure Enhances their General knowledge, critical thinking, and understanding of the world around them. It encourages them to engage in conversations about societal issues and fosters a sense of responsibility as informed citizens.
  3. Language and Communication Skills: Listening to daily news presentations enhances students’ language skills, vocabulary, and comprehension abilities. It provides an opportunity for students to hear proper pronunciation, diction, and intonation, aiding in their language development. AP School Assembly Daily News Activities.
  4.  Community Building: As students gather each day for the assembly, the shared experience of receiving news and updates fosters a sense of unity and belonging. It creates a feeling of togetherness among students, promoting a positive school culture and enhancing the overall school community.
  5. Skill Development: The Assembly is a Platform for Honing various skills. Students who present the daily News Enhance their public speaking and presentation skills. Engaging in discussions and Debates Related to the News develops Critical thinking, Analytical Abilities, and the art of Respectful Discourse.
  6. Holistic Development: Beyond the news, the Assembly often includes activities that contribute to students’ holistic development. This could involve Motivational talks, inspirational stories, showcases of talents, cultural performances, and discussions on life skills, values, and character education.
  7. Motivation and Inspiration: A well-structured assembly with engaging activities can set a positive tone for the day. Inspirational talks, success stories, and messages of encouragement from teachers or peers can motivate students and boost their morale.
  8. Preparation for Life: Participating in daily news and activities helps prepare students for real-world situations. It encourages them to be attentive, responsible, and proactive, skills that will benefit them in their future endeavors.

Today in Politics

> Lok Sabha Adopts Resolution calling for peace in Manipur; RS adjourns for the day

> Kerala Assembly unanimously passes Resolution to alter the state’s official name to ‘Keralam’

> The POCSO Act is a gender-neutral piece of legislation: High Court of Delhi

> There is No Proposal to Change the Retirement Age of Central Government Employees: Minister of the Union

> Female and Single Male Government Employees are Entitled for 730 Days of child Care leave: Lok Sabha Centre

> Ukraine claims to have averted Russian hacking of its military combat system.

TELANGANA: Do Not Take Forceful Action on The power Dues issue: HC to the Centre

> According to CEIR, Telangana Ranks First in the Recovery of lost or stolen mobile devices.

Telangana High Court issues Notifications to Authorities Following the Death of a Student in an Accident in Bachupally.

> Housing in R5 Zone: Andhra Pradesh government moves SLP in Supreme Court over High Court stay

According to APBDA chairperson, 48,000 persons in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have pledged to donate their bodies.

Maris Stella College students stage a Rally for a ‘peaceful Tomorrow’ in Vijayawada.

> Top engineering colleges: IIT Kharagpur’s global, domestic Ranking in last 5 years

> WI vs India, T20I – Two losses won’t change long Term plans, says Hardik Pandya

Proverb/ Motivation

The Most Difficult People and Situations in life are Designed by God to Teach us Something or to Develop a Quality we Need to Grow.

నేటి ఆణిముత్యం

How often do you Rinse your Mouth?

Always add Fennel

Nanudinambu see the mouth of Nanrithamedu

Vishwadabhirama Vinuravema!

Meaning: No matter How Much you wash your Mouth, the Taste in your mouth will Go Away. Likewise, as long as There is a Mouth that Tells lies Every Day and Makes Everyone sad, its Bad Quality will Not Go Away.

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