AP SA2 Social Question Papers PDF 2022 – Download 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Previous Papers


AP SA2 Social Question Papers PDF 2022 – Download 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Previous Papers:

AP SA2 Social Question Papers: Andhra Pradesh Summative Assessment (SA2 Exams) for the Social Subject is scheduled to be held in the month of April 2022. Students who are preparing for Summative Assessment (SA 2 exams) for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Classes can read the entire article and download the syllabus, examination pattern, timetable and previous question papers from the below-mentioned links. For this year, the SA2 examination will be considered as Annual examination.

What exactly meant by Summative Assessment test?

Summative Assessment is an assessment which is administered in order to evaluate the student learning capacities along with performance of a student. It is also used to identify the skill acquisition, academic achievements during the instructional period or the end of a project, semester program etc.

Summative assessments or projects are designed mainly to learn best skills in education. Summative test is mainly designed what the students have learned the material they have been taught.


Summative Assessments are assigned to the students at the end of an instructional period. Summative assessment tests are evaluative and they are used to measure course learning objectives.

AP SA2 Social Question Papers:

Andhra Pradesh Government has released the timetable for the Summative Assessment Test (SA2) for all the Subjects. Here in this article we provide detailed information regarding timetable, syllabus, previous question papers regarding social subject for 6th to 10th Class. Information is available in the AP Board of School Education and also available on our website careers99.com

Download AP SA2 Social Question Papers:

Model Papers for the AP Board 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Class, 10th Class Exams are available in English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. AP 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th SA Exam FA Question Paper 2022 will be available on this website. Every year, the AP Department of School Education publishes SA and FA Model Question Papers for the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th and 10th grades. Students should use the AP Model Question Paper 2022 for the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th SA, FA Exams. After that, students will take the SA and FA exams. As a result, all students must prepare thoroughly and strive for top grades in all areas. Students should study previous High School yearbooks for the greatest preparation.

About Andhra Pradesh Education Board:

The AP State Commissionerate Of School Education will conduct the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Class Summative Assessment (SA) and Formative Assessment Examinations in the months of September and February to May each year. The Department of School Education is the largest of the 200 departments in the state, publishing the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Class SA & FA Examination Time Table at the State Official Website and District wise DEO Website. The Department of Education focuses on primary and secondary education and organises teacher training.

Formative Assessment – FA refers to a wide variety of methods that teachers use to conduct in-process evaluations of student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a lesson, unit, or course.

Summative Assessment – SA Refers to the assessment of participants where the focus is on the outcome of a program. This contrasts with formative assessment, which summarizes the participants’ development at a particular time. Summative assessment is widely taught in Educational Programs in the Andhra Pradesh State.

About Functions of SCERT:

      • Preparation of curricula, syllabi, instructional material for Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary and alternativ   systems of education.
      • Development of evaluation procedures and material, which are helpful to the practicing teachers.
      • Bridging gaps between the methods and techniques advocated in training and the actual classroom practices.
      • Dissemination of knowledge relating to improved methods and techniques to be followed by educational  institutions.
      • Co-ordination with national and international Organization In academic programs.
      • Resource support to implement the Academic Policies laid down by the Government.
      • Organization of orientation programs for the professional growth of teachers, teachers-educators, supervisor’s    etc.
      • Publication of journals, Periodicals, Books.
      • To develop new courses in Teacher Education.
      • To frame and revice curriculum of teacher Education courses periodically.
      • To conduct teacher education courses to untrained teachers through distance mode.
      • The different departments of SCERT have taken up activities to gear to the functions of the organization. The    functions of the various departments inthe recent past are detailed in the forth Coming page.

AP SA2 Timetable for all the Subjects:

Andhra Pradesh Board of School Education has released the Summative Assessment (SA2 test) Timetable. Students who are attending for the summative assessment test can prepare well for the examination. Summative Assessment test will be held in the month of April 2022. Candidates must download the entire syllabus carefully and mark important points in syllabus and cover the important syllabus which is having high weightage and after completion of high weightage syllabus, cover the rest syllabus also. Careers99.com provides all the information regarding SA2 Syllabus, examination pattern and question papers for the sake of students.

AP SA2 6th Class Social Syllabus:

Theme-I: Diversity on the Earth

      • Reading and Making Maps
      • Globe – A Model of the Earth
      • From Gathering Food to Growing food – The Earliest People
      • Land Forms of Andhra Pradesh (Part -A)
      • Penamakuru – A Village in the Krishna Delta (Part-B)
      • Salakamcheruvu – A Village on the Plateau
      • Kunavaram – Tribal Villages on the Hills

Theme-II: Production Exchange and Livelihoods

      • Agriculture in Our Times
      • Trade in Agricultural Produce
      • Trade in Agricultural Produce

Theme-III: Political Systems and Governance

      • Community Decision Making in a Tribe
      • Emergence of Kingdoms and Republics
      • First Empires
      • Democratic Government
      • Village Panchayats
      • Local Self – Government in Urban Area

Theme-IV: Social Organization and Inequities

      • Diversity in Our Society
      • Towards Gender Equality

Theme-V: Religion and Society

      • Religion and Society in Early Times
      • Devotion and Love towards God

Theme-VI: Culture and Communication

      • Language, Writing and Great Books
      • Sculptures and Buildings

AP SA2 7th Class Social Syllabus:

      • The Universe and the Earth
      • Forests
      • Learning through Maps
      • Delhi Sultanate
      • Kakatiya Kingdom
      • Vijayanagara Emphire
      • Mughal empire
      • Bhakthi – sufi
      • Indian Constitution – An Introduction
      • State Government
      • Road Safety Education
      • Markets around us
      • Women Change the world

AP SA2 8th Class Social Syllabus:

Theme-I: Diversity on the Earth

      • Reading and Analysis of Maps
      • Energy from the Sun
      • Earth Movements and Seasons
      • The Polar Regions
      • Forests:Using and Protecting them
      • Minerals and Mining

Theme-II: Production, Exchange and Livelihoods

      • Money and Banking
      • Impact of Technology on Livelihoods
      • Public Health and the Government

Theme-III: Political Systems and Governance

      • Landlords and Tenants under the British and the Nizam
      • National Movement – The Early Phase
      • National Movement – The Last Phase
      • Freedom Movement in Hyderabad State
      • The Indian Constitution
      • Parliament and Central Government
      • Law and Justice – A Case Study

Theme-IV: Social Organization and Inequities

      • Abolition of Zamindari System
      • Understanding Poverty
      • Rights Approach to Development

Theme-V: Religion and Society

Social and Religious Reform Movements
Understanding Secularism

Theme-VI: Culture and Communication

      • Performing Arts and Artistes in Modern Times
      • Film and Print Media
      • Sports: Nationalism and Commerce
      • Disaster Management

AP SA2 9th Class Social Syllabus:

      • Our Earth
      • The Natural Realms of the Earth
      • Hydrosphere
      • Atmosphere
      • Biosphere
      • Agriculture in India
      • Industries in India
      • Service Activities in India
      • Credit in the financial system
      • Prices and cost of living
      • The Government Budget and taxation
      • Changing cultural traditions in Europe 1300-1800
      • Democratic and Nationalist revolutions in 17th and 18th centuries
      • Democratic and Nationalist revolutions in 19th Century
      • Industrialization and Social Change
      • Social Protest movements
      • Colonialism in Latin America, Asia and Africa
      • Impact of Colonialism in India
      • Expansion of Democracy
      • Democracy: An Evolving Idea
      • Human Rights and Fundamental Rights
      •  Women Protection Acts
      • Disaster Management
      • Traffic Education

AP SA2 10th Class Social Syllabus:


      • Types and Description of Special Industries
      • Transport – Utility and Types
      • India Resources
      • Natural Calamities


      • First Struggle for Freedom
      • Important events of the Indian Struggle for Independence


      • Kashmir problem and India’s relation with neighbouring countries
      • Federal system
      • The ancient and modern concept of economic development


      • Service sector
      • Consumer awareness
      • Economic system
      • Increase in population, unemployment, communalism, terrorists and drug addiction

Andhra Pradesh (AP) Summative Assessment 2 (SA 2) Social Question Papers:

CCE Model Summative Assessment 2 (SA 2) Question Papers/Model Papers For VI/VII/VIII/IX/ X Classes Model Question papers. Andhra Pradesh High School SA 2 Summative 2 Science (Social) Studies Question papers for 6th to 10th Classes Question Papers are available here. Download Summative Assessment 2 (SA2) Social Model papers From Below Links.

Download AP SA2 Social Question Papers for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Classes:

The PDF version will be for Social studies  6th Class, 7th Class, 8th Class, 9th Class, 10th Class Annual Exams are below.

6th Class SA2 Social Previous Papers

Name of the Class Download PDF (EM) Download PDF (TM) Download Model Paper
6th Class Click Here Click Here Click Here
6th Class Click Here Click Here

7th Class SA2 Social Previous Papers

Name of the Class Download PDF (EM) Download PDF (TM) Download Model Paper
7th Class Click Here Click Here Click Here
7th Class Click Here Click Here

8th Class SA2 Social Previous Papers

Name of the Class Download PDF (EM) Download PDF (TM) Download Model Paper
8th Class Click Here Click Here Click Here

9th Class SA2 Social Previous Papers

Name of the Class Download PDF (EM) Download PDF (TM) Download Model Paper
9th Class Click Here Click Here Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can I download my Summative Assessment II (SA2) 2022 Schedule in Andhra Pradesh?

You can download your Summative Assessment 2 (SA-II) Andhra Pradesh 2022 Exam Schedule from the official website of the state board- apscert.gov.in

What is the pass percentage to get passed in 10th public examination?

Aspirants should score 35% and above to achieve the pass marks in order to clear your Andhra Pradesh 10th examinations in 2022.

Who is eligible to appear in the Board conducted Summative Assessment-II (SA-II)?

i. All the students of Secondary Schools; and
ii. Students of Senior Secondary Schools, if they wish to move out of the CBSE system.

Is the Andhra Pradesh Summative Assessment (SA-II) exam schedule for 2022 only available in PDF format?

Yes, On the website-Exam Schedule of Summative Assessment (SA-II) Andhra Pradesh 2022 is only in PDF form.

What was the commencement and concluding date of the exam?

The Summative Assessment (SA-II) exam commenced on the April 2022 (tentatively)


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