AP Inter 1st Year Botany Question Papers 2022 – Download Syllabus, Time Table, Exam Pattern Here


AP Inter 1st Year Botany Question Papers 2022 – Download Syllabus, Time Table, Exam Pattern Here

AP Intermediate Board (Board of Intermediate Education) (BIEAP) has released the AP Inter 1st Year Botany Syllabus, Examination Time Table, Previous Papers, Examination Pattern. Board of Intermediate Education has released the 12th Class timetable for both General and Vocational Examinations. In order to get detailed examination schedule, Detailed Syllabus, Detailed Examination Pattern regarding Botany Subject, Candidates must visit the Official Website, i.e. AP Board of Intermediate Education (www.bieap.gov.in). Time Table will be released by the AP Board of Intermediate Education AP Inter 1st Year Botany Question Papers.

In this article, we are providing direct links to download the Examination Timetable, Examination Pattern, Detailed Syllabus of  Botony Subject, Candidates must download the PDF Document issued by AP Intermediate board or download the Syllabus from our article. Direct links to download the PDF Documents are available here. Previous Question Papers regarding Botany Subject is also made available for the convenience of candidates. Feel free to download the entire syllabus for Botany Subject and prepare well for the forthcoming examination. Candidates should carefully mark the important questions and complete reading them first and later concentrate on less weightage part of the syllabus. Here in our website careers99.com we provide all the details regarding Botany  Subject.

AP Inter 1st Year Botony Previous Question Papers 2022:

  • Board of Intermediate Education has designed a comprehensive curriculum for 1st Year Intermediate Questions.
  • Students can download these AP Inter 1st year Botony Question Papers 2022 from the below mentioned links. Students can share this information to their classmates, friends and also to their neighbors.
  • By Downloading the AP 1st Year Botony Question Paper candidates can aware about the board examination paper easily before attending the main examination.
  • AP Inter 1st Year Botony Question Paper will be prepared according to the guidelines issued by the Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh.

Here we are providing detailed view of AP Intermediate 1st Year Botony Question Papers 2022 for the sake of candidates who are preparing for the 1st Year Intermediate Examinations. 1st Year Question Papers will contain all the important details or blueprint issued by Directorate of Government Examinations (DGE).

About Board of Intermediate Education, AP:

In the year 1964, an important policy decision was taken to the effect that the structure of the Secondary School System should be of 10 years duration, instead of 11 years and that it should be followed by two-year Intermediate Collegiate Education, in place of the existing Higher Secondary and Multi-purpose system. Further, the two-year Intermediate course was to be followed in the existing Three-year Degree course. The new pattern of education has been put into effect from the academic year 1964-65, when an integrated syllabus was drawn up for 6th class with effect from that year. The first batch of students under the new system was in 10th class during 1968-69 and attended Public Examinations in March/April 1969.

In pursuance of the recommendations made by the various conferences of Vice-Chancellors, eminent educationists and others, considering the various problems in the introduction of two-year Intermediate course from 1969-70, the Government of Andhra Pradesh issued orders in G.O.Ms.No.1920, Education (V) Department, dated 25-10-1968, that the proposed two-year Intermediate course under the new pattern be called as the INTERMEDIATE COURSE OF TWO YEAR DURATION and introduced in certain colleges, Higher Secondary and Multipurpose High Schools which were designated as Junior Colleges vide G.O.Ms.No.1458 Edn., Education (V) Department, dated 28-6-1969. Thus, the Intermediate Education System (IES)/Junior College System (JCS) in Andhra Pradesh state has been started functioning from 1969-70, under the control of the Director of Public Instruction (DPI).

AP Inter 1st Year Botany Question Papers 2022:

  • For Intermediate I Year Students, BIEAP has developed an organised set of comprehensive and instructive curriculum.
  • Students can share these AP Inter 1st Year Question Paper 2022 with their friends and neighbours to find out more information.
  • The AP Inter Question Paper 2022 was likewise created to address the students’ most pressing learning demands.
  • Students in the first year of AP Intermediate will gain a thorough understanding of the exam’s previous question paper.
  • These AP Inter 1st Year Previous Question Papers have been prepared in accordance with the BIEAP’s guidelines.

AP Inter 1st Year Timetable 2022:

Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh (BIEAP) has released the AP Intermediate Time Table 2022 for 1st Year on its Official website @bie.ap.gov.in. AP Intermediate 1st Year Examination is scheduled to be held during 22nd April 2022 to 11th May 2022. Duration of the AP 1st Year examination is from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. From this article, aspirants can download the detailed examination timetable along with Subject wise examination dates and previous question papers from here.

AP Inter Time Table Details 2022 – Overview

Name of the Board Board of Intermediate Education, AP
Examination Name Junior Inter Public Examinations 2022 (Inter 1st Year)
Date of Exams 22nd April 2022 to 11th May 2022
Official Website bie.ap.gov.in
Status Available

Andhra Pradesh Intermediate 1st Year Timetable April 2022

Exam Date Subject Name
22-04-2022 Part-II

Second Language Paper-1

25-04-2022 English
27-04-2022 Mathematics Paper-1 A

Botany Paper-1

Civics Paper-1

29-04-2022 Mathematics Paper-1 B

Zoology Paper-1

History Paper-1

02-05-2022 Physics Paper-1

Economics Paper-1

06-05-2022 Chemistry Paper-1

Commerce Paper-1

Sociology Paper-1

Fine Arts & Music Paper-1

09-05-2022 Geology Paper-1

Public Administration Paper-1

Logic Paper-1

Bridge Course Maths Paper-1

11-05-2022 Modern Language Paper-1

Geography Paper-1

How to Download AP Inter First Year Time Table 2022?

  • Log on to the official website @ bieap.gov.in for downloading the AP Inter First Year Time Table 2022
  • On the Home page, Click on AP Inter 1st Year Time Table 2022
  • Click on the Time Table 2022 for Intermediate 1st Year Examination.
  • AP Inter 1st Year Time Table will be displayed on the screen
  • Check Detailed Examination schedule according to subject wise.
  • Attend the examination properly according to the scheduled dates.
  • Take a printout copy for the future reference

AP Inter First Year 2022 BIPC Group Subjects

Part-II: Second Language Paper-1


Mathematics Paper-1 A

Mathematics Paper-1 B

Physics Paper-1

Chemistry Paper-1

Botany Paper-I

Botany Paper- II


AP Inter First Year 2022 Botony Previous Question Papers

Name of the Subject Download PDF (English Medium) Download PDF (Urdu Medium) Download PDF (Telugu Medium)
Botany Paper I [September 2021] Click Here Click Here Click Here
Botany Paper I [March 2020] Click Here
Botany Paper 1 [March 2019] Click Here Click Here Click Here
Botany Paper I [May 2018] Click Here Click Here
Botany Paper I [March 2018] Click Here Click Here

AP Inter 1st Year Botany  Syllabus 2022:

AP 12th Class mainly comprises of the following subjects in Language Group (Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Telugu). Candidates can choose any of the Language Group. Here in this article we detail about the Botony Syllabus available in BIPC. This Group mainly consists of Botony Subject.  Detailed syllabus of Botony Subject is described below.

AP 11th Class Botony Syllabus:


1. The living world
What is living? Diversity in the living world; Taxonomic categories and taxonomical aids.

2. Biological Classification
Five kingdom classification – Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia, Three domains of life (six kingdom classification),
Viruses, Viroids, Prions & Lichens.

3. Science of plants – Botany
Origin, Development, Scope of Botany and Branches of Botany.

4. Plant Kingdom
Salient features, classification and alternation of generations of the plants of the following groups – Algae, Bryophytes,
Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms.


5. Morphology of flowering Plants
Vegetative :
Parts of a typical Angiospermic plant; Vegetative morphology and modifications- Root, Stem and Leaf- types; Venation, Phyllotaxy.
Inflorescence – Racemose, Cymose and special types ( in brief).
Flower : Parts of a flower and their detailed description; Aestivation,
Fruits : Types- True, False and parthenocarpic fruits


6. Modes of Reproduction
Asexual reproduction, binary fission, Sporulation, budding, fragmentation, vegetative propagation in plants, Sexual reproduction
in brief, Overview of angiosperm life cycle.
7. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Stamen,
microsporangium, pollen grain. Pistil, megasporangium (ovule) and embryo sac; Development of male and female gametophytes.
Pollination – Types, agents , Out breeding devices and Pollen – Pistil interaction.
Double Fertilization; Post fertilisation events: Development of endosperm and embryo; development of seed, Structure of
Dicotyledonous and Monocotyledonous seeds, Significance of fruit and seed.
Special modes – Apomixis, parthenocarpy, polyembryony.


8. Taxonomy of angiosperms
Types of Systems of classification (In brief). Semi- Technical description of a typical flowering plant Description of
Families: Fabaceae, Solanaceae and Liliaceae.


9. Cell – The Unit of Life
Cell- Cell theory and cell as the basic unit of life- overview of the cell. Prokaryotic cells, Ultra Structure of Plant cell (structure in detail
and functions in brief), Cell membrane, Cell wall, Cell organelles: Endoplasmic reticulum, Mitochondria, Plastids, Ribosomes, Golgi
bodies, Vacuoles, Lysosomes, Microbodies, Centrosome and Centriole, Cilia, Flagella, Cytoskeleton and Nucleus. Chromosomes: Number, structural organization; Nucleosome

10. Biomolecules
Structure and function of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids and Nucleic acids.

11. Cell cycle and Cell Division
Cell cycle, Mitosis, Meiosis – significance.


12. Histology and Anatomy of Flowering Plants Tissues
Types, structure and functions: Meristematic; Permanent tissues -Simple and Complex tissues. Tissue systems – Types, structure and function: Epidermal, Ground and Vascular tissue systems.Anatomy of Dicotyledonous and Monocotyledonous plants – Root,
Stem and Leaf. Secondary growth in Dicot stem and Dicot root.


13. Ecological Adaptations, Succession and
Ecological Services
Plant communities and Ecological adaptations: Hydrophytes,Mesophytes and Xerophytes. succession.Ecological services – Carbon fixation, Oxygen release and pollination (in brief).


Important Links to Download the AP Inter First Year Time Table 2022

Click here to Download AP Inter 1st Year Time Table 2022

Click here for Board of Intermediate Education AP (BIEAP) Official website

FAQ’s regarding AP 1st year Inter Botony Question Papers 2022

In which Group, Botony Subject will be present in the Intermediate Board?

BiPC (Botony, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology) Group

What is the full form of BIEAP?

Board of Intermediate Education, AP (BIEAP)

What is the Official Website of BIEAP?


What is the first language in Intermediate in AP?

How many subjects are there in Inter 1st Year AP?
Students must study six subjects for the BIEAP Intermediate Exam 2022, which will be held in a set manner. Students must choose six subjects. There will be three language papers among the six topics, with the remaining three being General Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics.

Who will conduct the Intermediate Education in Andhra Pradesh State?

Board of Intermediate Education, AP (BIEAP)

What is the pass mark out of 75 in Intermediate in AP?
Students can get atleast 30 marks to get passed.

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