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AP Clarifications on Filling up of Private Aided School Posts Promotions | Rc. No.90/PS-I/Dtd.26-09-2017

Andhra Pradesh School Education has given Clarifications on Filling up of Private Aided School Posts Promitions on Rc.No.90/PS-I/Dtd.26-09-2017.

In continuation of the clarification issued in the reference 6th read above and after examining the requests / proposals submitted by the RJDSEs/DEOs/Managements/Teachers the point-wise clarification have been issued herewith (Annexure-I) for further action.



1The candidate was promoted as Record Assistant 09-12-2004 without completion of minimum service in feeder category. Permission to count the service from the date of appointment for promotion.

Sri Bandanam Raju, Record Assistant.

As per existing rules the seniority of a candidate will be counted from the date of regularisation in that category.

Hence, the request is not feasible for consideration.

2Promotion to the post of School Assistant from the category Office Subordinate/ Record Assistant/ Junior Assistant.

RJDSE, Kakinada Lr.Rc.No. 2383/A3/2017, dt: 11-08-2017

In the GO.Ms.No. 167, Education, dated: 09- 03-1984 the post School Assistant shall also be filled by way of recruitment by transfer from any other services.

Govt. In its Memo No.l2359/PS-I/2003-l, date: 18-09-2003 have clarified that the Subordinate Services 8s Last Grade Services are also eligible for appointment by promotion to the post of School Assistant subject to possessing of required qualification to hold the post.

Therefore, the candidates of other services including Subordinate Services 8s Last Grade Services are also eligible for appointment by promotion to the post of School Assistant if there is no eligible SGTs/LP.Gr-II subject to fulfilment of other conditions. This shall be as per MATPP (as per Teacher Pupil ratio) specified in G.O.Ms.No.40, dt: 18.06.2013).

3Permission to reopen the closed school and to fill up the posts.

Nirmal Aided High School, Rajamundry.

Not fusible for consideration at this juncture.
4Clarification with regard to payment of salaries to the candidates, appointed in petitioner managements as per Government Memo dated: 03-12-2016 and dated:30-06-2Q17.

Lr.Rc.No.5218/A3/2017, date:28-08- 2017 of DEO, Kadapa

If the posts were filled up as per memo dated:03-12-2016 with the approval of the competent authority the managements have to pay the salary till issuance of memo dt:30-06- 2017. They are eligible for claiming regular salaries from the date of issuance of memo dt:30-06-2017 (orders for filling up of posts on permanent basis) or from the date of approval of competent authority, whichever is later.

The Clarification of the CSE is clear and, hence, it shall not be referred time and again.

5Absorption to the post of School Assistant/ Language Pandit Gr-Il by transferring the posts from other schools.

Lr.Rc.No.96/D2/2017, date: 17-08-2017 of the DEO, Krishna 8s Rep Dt:24-08- 2017 of Smt.Vardhini, Vijaya Bharati UP School, Patamatalanka, Vijayawada.

Shifting of posts is not possible for consideration at this juncture.

As per the guidelines issued in procs. Rc.No.90/PS-I/2010-l, date:20-07-2017 if the post is not vacant the candidates shall be considered for lower category posts subject to condition that they should possess required qualification to hold the post as per the then existing rules.

6a. whether in the absence of cancellation of guidelines issued on 20-07-2017 whether the clarifications issued in 24-08-2017 may be followeda. The clarifications issued in CSE proceedings dated:24-08-2017 are necessary amendments to the guidelines issued on 20-07-2017. Hence, the clarifications issued in proceedings
b. G.O.Ms.No.40, not relates to promotions it relates to only rationalisation. Specific instructions required to follow the guidelines issued on 20-07-2017.

(RJDSE, Guntur Lr.No.Spl-l/B4/2017, dt:28.08.2017)

dated:24-08-2017 shall be implemented scrupulously. The deviation occurred, if any, shall be rectified immediately.

b. As per G.O Ms.No.40, dated: 18-06-2013 the promotion process consists two Stages. Stage-I is promotion as per MATPP and Stage-II is rationalisation. Even for promotion the MATPP shall be followed as per rules.

7Promotion to the post of PD from PET in the school where the strength is 421.

Rep. Dt:09-08-2017 of Smt.K.Subhasini

As per G.O.Ms.No.40, dated: 18-06-2013 the SA(PE) or PD post shall be filled in the High Schools, where the enrolment exceeds 791.

Hence the request is not feasible for consideration.

8Promotion of SGTs working in High School as School Assistants as the SGTs working in elementary expressed inability to handle the High School classes.

(Lr.No.86-3/B2/2017, date:08-09-2017)

The SGTs working in High Schools may be considered for promotion as School Assistants if the SGTs of primary have expressed unwillingness that they are unable to teach High School classes to proceed as per further seniority subject to fulfil of other conditions.
9Filling up of the post of Head Master with PET as there is no qualified/willing person for promotionThe feeder category for promotion to the post of HM is School Assistant/ PD. The PET is not eligible for promotion to the post of HM as per rule.
10Absorption into the post of Record Assistant

Lr.RC.No.Spl/B4/2017, dt:29-08-2017 of tRJDSE, Guntur 8s Rep.dt:29-08-2017 of Smt. L.Jayaprada CKHC Girls HC

Government in G.O.Ms.No.41, Education, dated:30-06-2017 it is clearly mentioned that these absorption is only teachers already working in unaided (approved) posts as on 23.09.2002.
11Based on Court directions the DEO Prakasam has issued orders appointing the candidates in unaided posts and sent proposal to RJDSE Guntur for ratification. The RJDSE Guntur ratification is still awaited. Issuing ratification and absorption in aided posts.

Rep of Sk Apsara H.P Gr.II ABM HS Markapauram & D.Bhaskar Rao PET, ABM HS Markapauram, A.Salman SGT, ABM HS Markapuram.

If the proposal of the DEO, Prakasam is as per rules and appointment of the applicants was as per rules then the RJDSE Guntur may ratify the orders issued by the DEO Prakasam subject to fulfilment of all required conditions and rules in vogue. The RJDSE, Guntur is take necessary action as per rules.
12Considering a candidate for promotion to the post of School Assistant (Biological Science) in School Assistant (Physical Science) post. (Lr.No.78/A4/ 2017, dt: 18.08.2017 of DEO, Krishna)As per G.O.Ms.No.40, Education dated: 18-06- 2013 (Note.2 of Annexure-IC the working aided SAs with B.Sc(MPC), B.Ed can be shown either a SA(Maths) or SA(Phy.Sci). Under SA(Sci) according to convenience of Management under SAP

Therefore, the RJDSE may issue promotions accordingly.

13Considering/ rejecting the candidate for promotion in parent school in view of deputation

Rep. Dt: 19-08-2017 of Sri T.Ramesh Chandra, Y.R High School, Parchur, Prakasam.

The seniority of an employee shall be considered in the school, to which he/she belong to and drawing salary need based as per Teacher Pupil Ratio. His/her promotion cannot be denied on the ground that he/she is on deputation to another school.
14Whether the provisions of G.O.Ms.no.40, dt: 18-06-2013 & WPNo.23292/2010 dt: 13-07-2013 are to be taken into consideration while according permission to fill up vacant aided posts or the requests of the Correspondents considered are to be considered for according permission for all the vacant aided posts without insisting the provisions of G.O.Ms.No.40,dt: 18-06- 2013. (Lr.No. 1361/A4/2017, dt:08.06.2017 of RJDSE, Guntur)The rules issued in G.O.Ms.No.40, Education dated: 18-06-2013 shall be followed in all cases without any deviation.
15If 2 SGTs were joined in aided posts on the same date after issue of G.O.Ms.No.l, Education, dated:01-01- 1994. Whether the seniority should be determine as per the selection communed roster or date of birth as criteria.

(Lr.Rc.No.Spl.2/B4/2017, dt:29.08.2017 from the RJDSE, Guntur)

Where the candidates are selected by direct recruitment/absorption, there the merit-cum- roster system shall be followed in fixing up seniority. If there is a tie then Date of Birth shall be taken as criteria.
16Whether the only School Assistant post sanctioned without subject relevance to the school is to be filled up with maths as per the guidelines issued in GO.Ms.No.40 or basing on the subject of the retired teacher. (Lr.Rc.No.2879/B6/2017 dt: 17.08.2017 from the DEO, Vizianagaram)The School Assistant posts shall be filled as per the guidelines issued in G.O.Ms.No.40, Education, dated: 16-06-2013 without any deviation.

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